Video: Jonathan Stewart (RB)

<B>Jonathan Stewart</B> is a big time running back prospect from the state of Washington. Stewart, 5-11 and 218 pounds, is a back that blends power and balance to make him one of the nation's elite. Last night I had the opportunity to view six games from his junior season. Here are some very impressive video clips (over five minutes!).

It's the year of the running back and each day I get the opportunity to see one more great one on film. Last night I had the chance to view a half dozen game films from Jonathan Stewart's junior season.

Stewart, 5-11 and 218 pounds, is from Olympia (Wa.) Timberline High School. The first thing that jumps out at you with Stewart is his size. Stewart shouldn't be described as a blazer but he has good speed and quickness for his size. The second impressive attribute with regards to Stewart, and perhaps his best attribute, is his balance. For a 218-pounder he has amazing balance, footwork and agility. He finds a way to stay on his feet after the initial contact by the defense. Balance is an important attribute when evaluating running backs. Stewart runs with good power and can be a very punishing runner at times.

Stewart rushed for 2,609 yards and 36 touchdowns as a junior. Check out his impressive video clips by clicking on the links below.

Video 1 - #28 Jonathan Stewart (RB)

Video 2 - #28 Jonathan Stewart (RB)

Video 3 - #28 Jonathan Stewart (RB)

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