"I Wouldn't Call It a Decommit"

The Bear Insider had a chance to catch up with 2006 basketball commit Patrick Christopher at the conclusion of the National Basketball Players Association camp this evening in Virginia to clarify his current recruiting situation.

Earlier in the day, a story came out declaring that Christopher had de-committed from Cal and the Bear Insider wanted to know, "Is that statement accurate?"

"Well, is there a category in between a de-commit and a soft commit? said Christopher. I really don't know how to label my situation right now.

"I committed to Cal real early in the process when I wasn't getting a lot of recruiting attention because I like Coach Braun and the Cal program and the school itself. But Coach Braun understood that I really didn't have a chance to evaluate things very well and now that I've been getting so many good reviews, it's opened doors that I think I should check out. So I'm probably going to take a couple visits and just make sure I made the right choice. I wouldn't say I'm a Cal commit at this stage, but I definitely wouldn't say I closed the door on Cal at all either," stated Christopher.

Christopher noted that the reevaluation of his current status is not a result of recruiting attention from other schools and more of a recognition that his rising profile will provide him with more opportunities to consider before being firm in his commitment and that it is not a result of any possible perceived issues regarding the status of Coach Ben Braun or the recent success or failures of the program.

"They've got some great guys on the team and the school's great, too. A player really can't get all caught up in what's going on with a coach because things always are changing. If you like a school and their program, you really shouldn't spend a lot of time worrying about things like that," concluded Christopher.

Many fans are expecting a much different picture on the court this season with the return of Pac 10 Freshman of the Year Leon Powe, along with the continued maturation of players like Devon Hardin, Marquise Kately and Ayinde Ubaka, the continued leadership of senior Richard Midgely and the transfer of sharp shooting Kansas shooting guard Omar Wilkes. What happens on the floor of Haas Pavillion in the '05-'06 season will play a major role in determining the future of Cal basketball on many levels.

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