Mansion Joins An Elite Crew

Last week Bear fans learned that Cal Head Coach Jeff Tedford's amazing streak of obtaining commitments from Elite 11 quarterback prospects continued to grow as Dallas Episcopal quarterback Brock Mansion was named to the prestigious squad after a talent-laden tryout in Las Vegas.

The Bear Insider caught up with Mansion to get his feelings about his selection as well as comments on his recent commitment to the Bears.

"When I went to the Elite 11 tryouts, I was a little nervous at first," said Mansion. "In the beginning when were warming up, I saw a lot of guys throwing some pretty good balls. But as the day went on, I felt my confidence growing and growing.

"The first half of the tryouts were all drills and I thought I did really well. I was considered top 3 in the camp. Then we went to one on ones and I started off pretty well and did well there, too.

"There were some really good quarterbacks there like Jarrett Lee and then some other quarterbacks I'd heard good things about that I didn't end up being that impressed with. In the end, I felt like I did really well and was happy with how things went."

Mansion's Elite 11 selection followed another big step in his life with the previous week's commitment to Cal. Mansion's excitement at the prospect of playing in Berkeley was evident in his comments.

"I'd never been to California before so I didn't fully know what to expect," said Mansion. "I'd heard nothing but great things about Cal and Coach Tedford before I went down there. So I went down there and got off the plane and it was nice and cool. It was so great.

"Then we went down to campus with one of the staff, (Cal Recruiting Coordinator) Andrew McGraw and he showed me around the campus and answered all my questions. All my expectations were met. It's a great campus and a great school.

"Then we I got back and I was shooting the bull with Coach Tedford and talking about football and coverages, their game plans and how they prepare for games, how they study defenses and watch film. I was just so impressed with everything there and everything they have to offer there. Then after we finished talking, I told Coach Tedford that I wanted to make my commitment.

"He was stoked. He was real excited. He said ‘That's great. I'm so happy you're going to be a Bear.' And that just made me happy, too."

"Coach Tedford told me that we'd be doing a lot of things similar to what I do in high school with the offense.

Mansion was especially impressed with Tedford's noted work with quarterbacks and what he saw on film.

"We watched videos of all of Coach Tedford's old quarterbacks and broke down what they do on film. He'd show me some of their early tendencies and how he turned their bad habits into good habits.

"One of the clearest examples was with Joey Harrington at Oregon. In the beginning, he didn't look all that great. But as time went on, especially during his Heisman year (where he finished 4th in the voting), his mechanics were really sound."

Mansion brings a unique combination of size, speed and experience working in a similar type of spread to the one the Bears will be running next season. As is the case with Mansion, the future at quarterback is looking bright in Berkeley.

Click on this link to view Brock Mansion's player page.


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