Sticking To Three

Two-way lineman Matthew Masifilo out of Hawaii has been sidelined with an elbow injury during his senior season, but despite not being on the field, he's keeping an eye on his off the field recruitment.

Ewa Beach (Hawaii) Campbell two-way lineman Matthew Masifilo (6-2.5, 260) hasn't had much activity in his recruitment, sticking to the same three schools who have been his favorites for much of the summer.

"No new offers have come; I'm still with my top three of Stanford, Oregon and Cal," said Masifilo. "They're all pretty even, but I have to say that Stanford and Oregon are probably standing out higher than Cal. I more familiar with those schools than with Cal, but that could all change with my trips."

Masifilo indicated that an official trip would be spent on each of those three schools, and the only other school he said he would likely visit officially is Washington, who has also offered.

"I don't know what the other visit would be," said Masifilo. "I want to wait until the time comes to figure out who the other school is or if another school offers me."

Auburn and Iowa State have been sending Masifilo letters, but its been limited to that. He's also been offered by Utah, Oregon State, Nevada, San Diego State, Hawaii, Boise State, UNLV, Arizona and Houston.

"I'm not really looking at anyone else right now, just Stanford, Oregon and Cal," said Masifilo. "I wanted to take my trips this fall, but I didn't really set any up yet and the coaches and I agreed it would be best to wait until after the season and they'll have more time to show me around and I have more time on my side. I plan to make my decision after my visits anyway."

The distance from Hawaii to the West Coast also played a role.

"Another reason I will take them when the season is over is that it is a 5-6 hour flight coming from Hawaii," said Masifilo. "If I was on the mainland, it would be reasonable to slide up to Oregon for one weekend, or go to the Bay Area another weekend, but its not easy to do that from Hawaii."

While Masifilo is focusing on those three schools, he's stewing over the fact his senior season has been cut short.

"I dislocated my elbow so I'm out for four weeks," said Masifilo. "Hopefully we can get to the playoffs, otherwise I may only get 1-2 more games in. All the (college) coaches, they have told me just to take my time and not rush into things, that it doesn't change anything with me. I just hyper-extended it, the bones are solid and the x-rays showed nothing big. It just has to heal. I'm getting movement already."

Prior to the elbow injury, Masifilo was playing well in his opinion, and was making things happen on the field.

"We started off 2-0, but now we're 2-2," said Masifilo. "I was averaging like seven pancakes a game and it's a little frustrating now that I can't help my team. Both of our losses were close. We lost 21-20 then 16-14, both came down to the wire. I can barely stand to watch my own games. It's mental torture for me and making me more hungry to play the game. That's why I hope we make the playoffs otherwise I may not get to play against until possibly some all-star games."

Masifilo had been focusing on the offensive line for Campbell this fall, but still gets the feeling that colleges want him on the defensive line.

"I like both and whatever they need the most and will get me on the field the fastest, I'll play," said Masifilo. "But I think I'm playing on the D-line."

Masifilo is in fine shape academically, owning a 4.0 GPA and an 1810 on the SAT. Top Stories