Mullins is On Hold While Recovering

Robert Mullins, the 6-2, 205-pound linebacker from Dorsey, who had a huge season as a junior, hasn't been able to prove he's for real this season yet, being sideline while recovering from surgery. He updates on his recruitment...

Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey linebacker Robert Mullins (6-2, 205) has been sidelined much longer than he expected to be after going through hip surgery in the off-season. Because of the lengthy rehab, he's yet to suit up in 2006.

Mullins will miss the Dons visit to Birmingham this Friday, but after a bye next week, he plans to be back in action in two weeks when they take on their archrival Crenshaw.

"I'm still rehabbing but I'm planning to play in two more weeks," said Mullins. "If I suit up, it would be hard not for me to run out and play. They can't give me shoulder pads or I'd play."

Because he's yet to play this fall, schools that indicated that an offer could come after his first few games are still waiting for new film. "I've not gotten any new offers as of now," said Mullins. "I've gotten some letters from schools telling me that they're interested, but that's about it."

Cal, Oregon, Arizona State and Ole Miss, all schools he holds offers from, have kept their communication with him consistent. "Washington State has as well, but not as much as the others," said Mullins. "UCLA called me. I hadn't heard from them but then Coach (DeWayne) Walker called me and wanted to talk and said to just get healthy and they're watching me. He didn't say anything about an offer, but that they're watching."

Mullins' top schools consist of two who have offered: Oregon and Cal. "Oregon and Cal are my top two, then the other three are schools I like but only Arizona State has offered me. The other two are Florida State and Miami," said Mullins.

Mullins said he understood the dearth of offers stemmed from his inactivity, but that doesn't mean he likes it. "I do think that not playing has a major role in me not getting offered and I understand that," said Mullins. "It's their job and if you have one player that is healthy, you scout him. But personally, its kind of frustrating but there isn't much you can do to prevent it."

Mullins hasn't set up any official visits, though he took an unofficial to Cal this summer. He does plan to take all five and anticipates making a decision in January.

He said that his hip was feeling better and he was anxious about getting back on the field. "It's kind of weak after some workouts and I have some flaws with the hips, but it feels better than before," said Mullins. "It's natural to be a little fatigued, I think it's almost inevitable, but I can still play hard."

An excellent student, Mullins has a 3.5 and scored a 1530 on the SAT. "Being out, I've had a little more time to focus on the grades so it's kind of benefiting me," said Mullins.

During his junior year, Mullins had 165 tackles and five sacks and had a pair of interceptions, one which he returned for a touchdown. Top Stories