Todd Huber: Why I Chose Cal

With today's story, The Bear Insider will continue a new regular feature to our readers: Personal stories from the Class of 2007, letting Bear fans get to know them as players -and as people. Today's story features Todd Huber, in his words.

Hey fellow Bears. My name is Todd Brett Huber and I attend Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. (Mascot: The Panther)

As soon as I committed to Cal in October, I established that I plan to attend the Haas Business School. Business runs in my family and I will be taking all the necessary classes to apply for entry into Cal's great business school after my first two years in school.

I love my high school and have played football since I was about 5 or 6 years old. I was a water boy for many years for my older brother's Peninsula football teams. Peninsula football has been a family experience. My mom just finished her 12th year as a team mom. My brother Scott, who played football at USC, is a part time coach for the school and works in commercial real estate. My oldest brother Jeff played on some great football teams at Peninsula and now does the color commentary for the weekly local cable broadcasts of our games. Jeff also coaches the freshman baseball team. My parents and brothers have never missed one of my games and don't plan on changing that once I head up to Berkeley.

Speaking of baseball, I am playing baseball for my high school this spring. I will pitch for our very promising varsity squad after taking my junior year off to focus on football. Baseball has always been a passion of mine and I plan on having fun doing it one last time before I head off to college. Many people thought I'd stick to baseball as my ticket to college, but my first love has always been football. C'mon, the first major outing of my life was to a football game when I was a few weeks old. I also played basketball my whole life, but gave it up to focus on football last year. While giving up sports I loved was tough, it turned out to be the right choice as I reached my ultimate dream: to play Division 1 football.

Music is a necessity for kids in high school, but is a must for football players. I've always been the type of guy to pop on my headphones right before I head out for a game. When it comes to what I listen to, my taste is diverse. I'll listen to anything from hip-hop and rap to classic rock. Anything that will get me pumped. I grew up listening to my brother's and parent's music and learned to have a great appreciation for all kinds of music. The only music I can't stand is country! I go through my phases of what I listen to, but I will always stay true to some good old rock and roll and hip-hop.

When it comes to extra curricular stuff, I have been involved a little bit in the Young Republicans Club at our school, but a lot of my free time goes to community service. In Palos Verdes there is a high school boy's service group called Los Hermanos. Membership begins freshman year and is a four-year commitment. We volunteer at events anywhere from Palos Verdes to Los Angeles and Orange County. Many of these events were very worthwhile and have helped me grow and realize what the world is all about.

My favorite memories of high school will be the times spent with my teammates. We practice in what is known as The Snake Pit and I will always remember the conversations that occurred with my best friends on the way up and down that terrible hill. My other great memories will be the three Peninsula vs. Palos Verdes football games I played in. Palos Verdes is our cross-town rival and playing for town pride is something you never forget.

Peninsula is a great Southern California football program that has produced guys like Craig Stevens, John Welbourne, and Clark Haggans. I was lucky enough to play next to many Division 1 athletes during my varsity career, but after starting on two dominant teams my sophomore and junior year, we struggled my senior year. Due to many factors we ended up a dismal 3-7; definitely not the way I wanted to go out of Peninsula High School.

We lost three games total in the previous two years and had been to two consecutive CIF semi-finals, where we lost to eventual champion Dominguez Compton both times. I wish I could explain why it happened, but there is no concrete explanation. However, this year made me cherish winning and really opened my eyes to the fact that I wanted to win in college. Obviously this was one of the many factors that made me choose Cal over other schools such as Stanford, Oregon, Arizona State, and Washington.

I really enjoyed my recruiting process. Though I didn't drag it out too long, it was still a chance to see what many schools could offer. It allowed me to determine what would factor in to my college decision, and I had a lot of fun throughout the process.

My lone official visit to Cal allowed me to interact with players such as Chris Conte, Brock Mansion, DJ Holt, Bryan Anger and Matt Summers-Gavin and was a chance to start building a team. Since I committed I have begun to build strong relationships with many of my future teammates and have even hung out with a few of them. I got to hang out for a bit with Mitchell Schwartz and spent about a week in Florida with Brock Mansion. We both played in the Inaugural East Meets West All-American Game in Orlando, Florida and had a really good time. It is not often a center gets to snap to their future quarterback before ever stepping on the campus they will be attending.

I chose Cal for a variety of reasons. Academically, it is virtually unbeatable. I spent so much time studying in high school that I didn't want it to go to waste at a sub-par college.

I also enjoyed my many visits to the Bay Area. I always describe it as just far enough away from home to feel like I am on my own. However, I could still jump on a plane for an hour flight home any time I want. The Bay Area is also a little more diverse than L.A, but it's similar enough to not have to deal with culture shock. I wanted something far enough away and a little different than home and I got that in Cal. Where else can you get a degree that is in the top ten in the nation, as well as play for a Top-Ten football team? Cal is an opportunity you just can't pass up.

The main reason that I picked Cal, however, are the coaches. They took their time to get to know me and integrate me into the Cal family. I just cannot wait to be coached by Coach Michalczik and the great Coach Tedford.

I'm excited about what the future holds for me up in Berkeley. I can only hope my future is as bright as Cal's football program is. I cannot wait to step onto the field with my good friends and compete weekly for a Pac-10 and National Championship. I'm anxious to get up there over the summer and anxious to get out there and compete in Memorial Stadium.

Roll on You Bears!

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