Oregon St. Performance Review

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It seems that the offense has stalled. The inability to sustain drives hurt the Bears immensely because it put an inordinate amount of strain on the defensive unit. The offense has been in a funk seemingly for 2 ½ games and seems to lack confidence in the offensive game plan. The greatest concern has been the running game, which has seemingly disappeared. The Bears needed a solid game from the offense in order to win in Corvallis. Unfortunately they could only muster 13 points which obviously wasn't enough.

Grade: D+


Cal will lose anytime Kyle Boller throws 50+ passes, as was the case against Oregon St. where Kyle threw 51 passes. He put some good numbers but they weren't excellent or outstanding like they needed to be in order for the Bears to win. The passing yards were mainly short 4-5 yard hitches with some big gains to Tom Swoboda but the deep routes to the wide receivers were ineffective.

Grade: C-

Running Backs

You aren't going to win many games when Joe Igber has 11 carries for 33 yards. The running backs couldn't get it going against an aggressive and tough front seven. However some of the blame has to fall on the offensive line, which couldn't provide the holes. Cal still needs a better performance if they are going to win. Things are looking bleak for the running corps and the bye couldn't come at a better time.

Grade: D

Offensive Line

The offensive line is lucky that Kyle Boller is still alive after their sieve like performance against Oregon State. Run blocking was poor and pas blocking was much worse. Kyle Boller almost never had time to throw anything deep down the field, which limited his passing game to a dink passing game. You aren't going to win if Kyle Boller can't get the time to throw.

Grade: D

Wide Receivers

It was yet again another shaky effort by the receivers who made some good plays but yet again were plagued by drops and the inability to gain separation in the secondary. Tom Swoboda was the lone bright spot and he is having a career year. Outside of Tom's outstanding performance the remainder of the receiving corps had a mediocre game

Grade: C-


Talk about Jekyll and Hyde the Cal defense resembled a fishing net with some huge holes cut out. The Bears allowed Stephen Jackson to run roughshod and stomp the Bears into the ground. The Bears did limit Derek Anderson to only 80 yards of passing but it doesn't mean much when Jackson can rush for 239. If the defense wants to help out a stifled offense they need to clamp down on the run.

Grade: C

Defensive Line

In contrast to the outstanding effort against UCLA the defensive line was steamrolled against Oregon St. Stephen Jackson ran wild and managed to pound the Bears close to submission. The pressure on Derek Anderson was decent but certainly not enough to keep the Bears close enough. 

Grade C


Tackling was certainly poor and one of the main reasons why the Bears couldn't stop the run. Key injuries have hurt the Bears line backing corps rendering the unit as ineffective. Who knew that the injury to John Klotsche would hurt the Bears so badly?

Grade: C-


It was a good week for the secondary in keeping the Beavers to only 80 yards passing. They did enough to stop the passing attack unfortunately the tackling was suspect which enable the Beavers to grind out a win and rip off some huge runs. Good pass defense poor run support

Grade: B-/C+

Special Teams

The special teams unit provided another solid effort They limited the Beavers from any special team opportunities while providing some excellent opportunities and field position for the offense. LaShaun Ward has been excellent as a kick returner and has been one step away from breaking a touchdown on several occasions. The only negative for this group has been a few too many penalties for illegal blocks. 

Overall Grade: B


Not a good loss for the Bears because of the way the Bears lost. An anemic offensive performance coupled with terrible run defense points to some serious problems within the Bears schemes. The Bears should have won this game and certainly could have won the game had they been able to execute at a level commensurate with some of their earlier performances earlier. Certainly a disappointing loss and one the Bear will look back on at the end of the season and be very disappointed with Luckily the Bears have a Bye this week before resuming their Pac-10 schedule, which should give them time heal and make the appropriate adjustments to remedy some of their inefficiencies. No points of interest this week because the Bears are going into a bye week. 

Overall Grade: C/C-


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