The Interception

<p class=txt>I asked Nnamdi Asomugha how that play developed - how he got there into the screen pass ASU was trying to execute, and to grab the pass that resulted in a 87 yard interception touchdown return. He laid out the details ... </p>

"I had seen that play twice already - and each time they got a few yards. So I knew I would see it again - and when the guard didn't block in his regular way - he kinda slid sideways like I had seen before - I knew what was happening. And when the wideout curled back and out to the side, it was for sure. So I slipped in a little early, before the play developed, and got there as the pass was thrown."

"And Wendell (Hunter) helped some?" I asked. "Oh yeah, Wendell got in the quarterback's face and made him float the pass a bit - that was huge." said Nnamdi.

"And did you need all of the length of your arms to reach that thing as it floated out there?". "Yeah", he grinned. "If I didn't get that ball it was going to be a big problem - because otherwise I'd have been out of position."

Then Daniel Nwangwu spoke up. "What I really liked about that interception was how graceful it was, how athletic."

Hearing that, Nnamdi turned to look at Daniel with a slightly puzzled grin. "Oh yeah," said Daniel, "and then when he turned upfield, it was almost like a ballet dancer, pivoting like that." And just for a moment, Nnamdi's jaw dropped, before the grin spread across his face. "And the acceleration, as he ran downfield, was unbelievable...", said Daniel, and at that point Nnamdi broke up into and laughter and big grins. But Daniel didn't let up. "And then as he accelerated, pulling away from the whole crowd ..." by then it was all over, everybody disolving in laughter.

This is a team. Offense and defense on the same side. Picking up for each other whenever needed, supporting each other all the time, no animosity between the units as has happened in the recent past. Just a team committed to team goals. Top Stories