Pac-10 Media Day Quotes

Head Coach Jeff Tedford and C Alex Mack represented the Cal Golden Bears at Thursday's Pac-10 Media Day…

California picked up the sole first place vote not cast for USC in the preseason media poll at Thursday's Pac-10 Media Day. The Golden Bears are picked to finish fourth in the conference behind USC, Arizona State, and Oregon, respectively.

Head Coach Jeff Tedford joined Playboy All-American C Alex Mack at the podium. Here are a few quotes from Thursday's media day:

Coach Tedford on protecting the football:

We're going back to having turnover drills, and emphasis, things like that. There are unbelievable stats to say when we win the turnover battle were something like 29-2, if I'm not mistaken. There's no question if that happens, if you lose the turnover battle, you are not going to be very successful. We're going to focus on it and not be careless with football and understand that we need to protect it.

Coach Tedford on using two quarterbacks:

They're both going to get some game time.

I think that's one thing we need to do a better job of as a whole team. That is to make sure we create depth and give people opportunity to have some game situations. So, if they are needed, they feel comfortable in their roles.

Coach Tedford on facilities:

There was some very exciting news out of Berkeley a couple of days ago in regards to our facilities. We're excited about the direction that it's going as far as lifting the injunction; seven days from I think two days ago, that's very exciting news. I'm really happy were moving in the right direction in getting rid of some of the distractions and nuisances that has been there for the last year and a half.

I'm very happy for our student athletes and for our staff, for our coaches, not only the football players, but the athletic department in general that were moving forward with this.

Coach Tedford on the changes in play-calling and new OC Frank Cignetti:

I have been in different roles. I've been the sole play-caller, and then I've been a role player on the play calling.

Last season, I was the sole play-caller and felt like I needed to go back to the other role so that I could really focus on doing a better job in my role as a head coach. So, I hired Frank Cignetti as an offensive coordinator.

[I am] really pleased to what he has brought. He's brought new philosophies and new concepts, which I think are going to help us.

For the most part, we're going to be the same on offense but there are those few concepts he's brought in. But I think with him calling the plays, I'm still going to be involved in game planning….I'll probably call a portion of the plays.

Coach Tedford on finishing 1-6 to end the regular season:

It was a tough situation.

We played a lot of close games. We didn't finish very well. There is a fine line between a seven-win season and a 10-win season. Hopefully, we can finish better.

C Alex Mack on the Pac-10:

I think it's really competitive. I think everyone in the Pac-10 is a really great team. I think we learned that last season, not to take anyone lightly. I think every team is great and you have to come out and play each week. We got away a couple games, close games, we could have won. We ended up losing at the last second so we have to come out and play each game really hard. Top Stories