First Test….Passed!

Brett who??? If Aaron Rodgers has any of the swagger and supreme self-confidence that it takes to be a professional athlete, he had to be saying that Tuesday morning. To him that is…

Since the June un-retirement of Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers has not said or done anything that would stir up controversy. I cannot remember any player in any sport in the same situation. I definitely know that there has not been one handled anything remotely as difficult, any better than he did.

That kind of cool customer is exactly who you want to lead your team in the week-to-week battle that is the NFL.

The road to get to his first NFL start has been as improbable to say the least. After not being heavily recruited out of high school, he was lucky enough to be noticed at Butte C.C. when Cal coach Jeff Tedford was there scouting a tight end.

After two productive years with the Golden Bears, things were looking up. The top pick in the draft was held by his favorite team growing up, and all the talk surrounding that pick was between him and Alex Smith. The 49ers chose Smith.

No problem right?

A top pick candidate would not fall out of the top 5 or 10 for sure. Not so fast, Rodgers endured one of the most painstaking draft days in recent memory. He watched, with all cameras pointed squarely at him, as 22 more players were picked. Green Bay called his name in anticipation that Favre would leave soon.

Well we all know how the rest of that played out.

Monday night was the culmination of a lot of hard work, perseverance and most of all patience.

Going 18 for 22 for 178 and a TD, Rodgers was not spectacular, however very solid. He did include one Favre like deep bomb to Greg Jennings that excited the crowd. The Brett Favre followers and many media types are ready to compare and contrast the two QB's this season. He will be over analyzed for years to come. The Favre faithful are ticking time bombs, with the potential to explode at the hint of any sub par quarterback play by Rodgers. To them it is as if #4 had a quarterback rating of 158.3 every week.

It will be very hard for Rodgers to come from out of the shadow as understudy to one of the most well liked athletes of our generation, but as the saying goes, "Winning cures everything".

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