Cal-CSU Post Game Quotes

Players and coaches quotes following California's 42-7 win over Colorado State…


HEAD COACH Jeff Tedford

On Cal's Defense:
"Our defense did an excellent job. They stopped the run for the most part. They pressured the passer pretty well, especially in the first half. They had a nice push in there which I'm sure helped to cause some of the turnovers."

On Cal's Special Teams:
"To have big plays with a punt return and a blocked kick equals points. It's always nice when the special teams play can contribute points in the game."

On Cal's Offense:
"The offense didn't play very well. I thought we ran the ball pretty well. We were having pretty good success on first down most of the time, but we weren't sharp in the passing game. We fumbled the ball twice. In the first half it was really tough to get in the flow because you had special teams plays that were scoring and then you had turnovers. I didn't think we threw the ball very well. I thought we had some open guys and missed them."

On Jahvid Best:
"(Jahvid) Best dislocated his elbow. There's no fracture; the x-rays were negative. He'll get an MRI tomorrow and go from there to figure out the length of recovery. I don't know (the best case scenario); we don't have those answers right now. I don't think we'll know anything until after we get the MRI and see if there is any soft tissue damage. The good news is there is no fracture. That's a positive."

On Nate Longshore:
"Nate did fine. He wasn't asked to do a lot because of the game situation; at that time we ran the ball quite a bit. But I thought he was pretty smart with the ball. He didn't force the ball. He threw a couple of nice balls. He threw one to Cameron (Morrah) right in the chest and it was dropped. For the most part, I thought Nate did fine. He ran the show and he ran the huddle."

CB Syd'Quan Thompson
On punt return TD:
"The ball bounced and came right to me. I just looked in front of me, made a move, and [saw] 10 guys in blue jerseys making good blocks and opening up lanes to get to the end zone."

On team defensive effort:
"We used the bye week to get better. We treated [the bye week] like we were playing a game that Saturday. I think our unit came together. The coaches got us together and said `whenever you guys want to make plays, you can make plays."

LB Zack Follett
On defensive pressure:
Our front three did a great job pushing through the center. The Colorado State tackles on the edges did a good job fan blocking, so it kind of restricted us, but [the defensive line] picked up the slack and forced the balls outside to us. The defense played real well today."

On bye week after Maryland loss:
"Coach Tedford definitely slammed his foot down after the loss and had us strap on full pads that whole bye week just to make sure we didn't get complacent and to avoid what happened last year. He kept the team motivated and had us on the right track. Now that we got a win under our belt going into Pac-10 play, its going to be a big boost for us."

WR Jeremy Ross
On effect quarterback competition might have on receivers:
"It doesn't change anything at all. We're going to keep running our routes hard. Both quarterbacks are good quarterbacks, both are talented, and both can make plays. We're going to be happy with whichever quarterback they give to us."



General Comments:
"I thought we played better defensively than the score indicated. There is certainly room for improvement, but we hung in there with them defensively. We obviously didn't cover kicks as well as we needed to. It was like a Barnum Bailey circus out there at times. It's my fault. I didn't have our guys ready to play."

"We were absolutely stinking the joint up offensively. I kept waiting for us to click for any period of consistency offensively and we just couldn't find it. Offensively, we were awful and it starts with me. It was not a situation where we were out-matched. We just did not have our heads in it from a coaching standpoint or an offensive standpoint and that cost us the game. We've got our work cut out for us but I like where we are headed. I think offensively we've got to step back and I'll address that and I think we can get that fixed."

"I promise you we'll play better offensively when we get back to work. We cannot let this game affect us. None of us can change the outcome, so what is important now is that we get back to work next week and do everything that we can do within our power to play well against UNLV next week."

"I'll reassess every position after every practice and every game. I've tried to make that point very clear to our football team. If you don't go out and play, I'll put the next guy in. That's been preached since day one. I'm going to look at the film. It would be unfair for me to make any judgment right now."

On California:
"I think defensively we hung in there with a good Pac-10 offense. It's a shame the score didn't indicate that. I give Cal their due and Coach Tedford and all their players."

"They were good defensively, particularly their front seven. They deserve the credit but I'll take little bit of it for making their defense look good because I was awful getting our team ready."

QB Billy Farris
On Colorado State's offense:
"We never found a rhythm. It would either be a penalty or a bad play on offense. If we did get something going, something like that would happen."

On Cal's defense:
"They were getting a lot of pressure on us; they had some good push with their defense. You have got to credit them, they had a really good game. In the second half I started shuffling away from any pressure I had instead of standing in there trying to make the throw. So, I had more time on a couple of those in the second half. (They did) exactly what we expected, nothing new at all. It's disappointing; we didn't come out and play like we thought we were going to."

On the effect of the loss:
"I wouldn't call this a setback. We are going to come out next week. Definitely not a setback; we are going to learn from it. Nothing can put us down or keep us down."

RB John Mosure
On the game as a whole:
"Truthfully I could name three plays that cost us the game:
the punt return for touchdown, the blocked punt, and the interception off of the tip. If that doesn't happen we are in this game. Before the game we said we want no turnovers and good special teams; that's what you need for away games."

On Colorado State's offense:
"The offense was going pretty good, but we would just stall out. We have got to finish drives better. We are not going to give up on this season at all."

QB Klay Kubiak
On coming into the game as a backup:
"It didn't feel great because of the score, but it's nice to get in the game and feel like you are helping out the team. After that first play I felt fine; I got into a rhythm. It's just like practice; keeping the fundamentals. Make good reads and keep calm. Overall I felt okay."

Ricky Brewer
On Cal scoring only seven point offensively in the first half:
"Of course (I'd be happy with only giving up seven offensive points in the first half), that'd be sick. Our defense played well, we just couldn't get our special teams going. They got ahead of us by a quick 14, and that killed our momentum. If they hadn't gotten those points early the game would have had a whole different outcome."

On Cal's speed:
"They are a Pac-10 team, (team speed) is what you can expect. Even their big guys are fast. We couldn't get it going on special teams early, and they gained a lot of momentum on us." Top Stories