Cal-UO Post Game Quotes

Coach and player post game quotes following the California Golden Bears' 26-16 win over the Oregon Ducks…


Head Coach Jeff Tedford

"I'm really proud of the team. There's no question that was tough out there as far as the conditions were concerned. We turned the football over; we had the fumbles, the one interception. But the defense kept playing hard, keeping them (Oregon) out of the end zone after those."

On the weather conditions: "When you have conditions like that, you've really got to hustle and put yourself in a position to make plays. The ball is going to be on the ground from time to time because it's so slippery out there. I thought our guys played very, very hard. In the second half, I thought Nate (Longshore) did a really good job of controlling the football and not forcing anything and turning the football over. And as we preach turnovers, the teams that had the last turnover today was the team that lost."

On Nate Longshore coming off the bench: "He's come off the bench before this year, at Washington State, but under totally different conditions. The first play today, he was in a position where he had to throw the ball down the field. But he's a veteran; he's been in a lot of games before. Sure, coming off the bench is a little bit new for him, but it was no big deal. He got in there and had great focus. He always prepares. They (Kevin Riley and Nate Longshore) both prepare very well, so it's not like he wasn't prepared mentally or with the game plan."

On having two quarterbacks: "This is a perfect example (of why you have two quarterbacks). You have two quality quarterbacks and you just can't say enough for these guys, who are always out there competing and they're always supporting each other. When their number is called, they go on and they do their best. I'm just really, really proud. You need two quarterbacks from time to time through a season. Today we needed both of them."

On the defense: "I thought they did an excellent job. Coach Gregory and his staff did a great job of putting our guys in position of taking away the lateral run. I thought we got a lot of penetration, which was great. They (Oregon) had a little success at the end when they were running the read and pulling guys out in front of the quarterback. Coach Gregory had a great game plan and they executed it very, very well."

CB Sean Cattouse

On his interception: "That was purely just reading the quarterback. I got a good break on his throw and I was able to cut off the receiver and make the tough catch."

On the defensive game plan: "They really went lateral on us, so we had to be where we were supposed to be. We had to fit down in our gaps. It was kind of tough with their offense, but we were able to get it done."

LB Mike Mohamed

On the weather: "It's not too tough [to play in the rain]. Obviously the ball is wet and it is going to slip out. On defense, it is a little bit harder to move and to do speed stuff and keep your footing. You try to get that ball out because the offense might cough it up. It's a little cold at first, but once you're out there running around, it doesn't really affect you too much."

On next week's USC game: "It's definitely going to be a big game. They have one loss and we have one loss in the Pac-10, so the Pac-10 championship and the Rose Bowl are up for grabs."

RT Donovan Edwards

On weather's effect on game plan: "Nate [Longshore] said he had a good grip on the ball, so we were still able to go out and execute the game plan. The rain had a little effect with the turnovers, but other than that it really didn't affect our game plan all that much."

On making his first career start: "I actually didn't get nervous until Friday after practice because it finally dawned on me that I would be starting against the top two defensive ends in the Pac-10. But the nerves got out of me probably after the first series."


Head Coach Mike Belotti

"We got five takeaways in the first half and, other than the first one, we were not able to capitalize. Give Cal credit, they stymied us at the line of scrimmage. That was very frustrating. I thought our defense played extremely well and out hit that Cal team."

"It's unfortunate when you make mistakes that give another team the game, especially a good football team. We gave them the ball twice inside the 10-yard line and gave them a safety, missed an extra point and missed a field goal. That's on us. That's our responsibility. Having said that, I think we are a really good football team that beat itself today."

"I think we played very poorly in our passing game. We did not do a very good job of recognizing zone and how to defeat zone."

"I still think anybody can beat anybody else. It's one game at a time and every game is important. We're just going to continue to play as hard as we possibly can."

On the weather conditions: "I think a couple times the ball came out because people got hit really hard. It was a bad day to play football. It was a bad field to play football. There was standing water on the field and in this day and age that's unheard of."

"We didn't throw the ball that well today but I don't think it was a result of the water or the wetness of the football. We just didn't have people open and the few times that we did we actually threw the ball into the dirt."

On the second half: "I thought we made some adjustments that gave us a chance to be more aggressive and we got the ball moving. I was pleased with our attention to detail in the second half running the football."

On the Oregon defense: "I think our defense played awesome. It's a shame we put them in that situation, to have them start two drives inside the 10-yard line. They did a great job of taking the ball away. We talked a ton all week about takeaways. It's frustrating to not be able to take advantage of that offensively."

"Our defense played excellent football. I thought they hit as hard as any defense I've seen this year. I thought they played very well and gave us a chance, certainly with the takeaways in the first half, to more than be in the game."

RB Jeremiah Johnson

On the Weather: "The weather wasn't that big of a deal. We are Ducks, we are used to that kind of weather. It really didn't matter."

On offense: "The defense gave us the ball in the first half and we couldn't do anything with it. We just couldn't put it together on offense. In the second half we came up kind of strong, but the dropped punt hurt us. That's how the game goes I guess."

On offense improving in the second half: "That first series we came out on fire, I'm not sure what happened after that. In the first half you don't get that much, you are testing things. But in the second half it opens up. I wasn't worried about getting big yards. I was just getting four (yards) here, five (yards) there. (In the second half) we opened up our playbook a little more so we would have one-on-one with the linebackers. It wasn't enough time, and with turnovers and all the mistakes we made we couldn't come up with a victory."

On the illegal motion penalty on third-and-one in the fourth quarter: "I don't know what to say about that (penalty). Penalties and things like that ruin an offenses momentum."

On the effects of losing: "We just have to swallow it and move on. We are a football team. We just need to get ready for Stanford."

Safety T.J. Ward

On defense: "I thought we played well. When a team starts off on your four or six (yard line), and on top of that gets a penalty, which gives them another set of downs, it is hard to stop any team, let alone Cal."

On Ward's hit on Kevin Riley: "He was scrambling, there was nowhere he (Riley) could go. We were closing in on him. It was kind of a triangle between me, Patrick (Chung) and Jarius Byrd. I just tried to give him everything I could. I wasn't trying to take him out of the game. I hit him with my shoulder, we may have had a little helmet, but I use my shoulder most of the time."

On playing near his hometown of Antioch, CA: "It is always good to play in front of the home crowd, but I would much rather have a `W' than my stats."

C Max Unger

On the Pac-10 race: "I don't know, everything is pretty crazy in the Pac-10. It's a loss and I know they (Cal) control their fate. Cal is a good team, hopefully they win out."

On Cal's defense: "It was one of the best defenses we played all year. They had our number, but we came back and did pretty well."

On the weather: "We were pretty much playing in a swamp. But it was like that on both sidelines; they had to play in it also."

On the turnovers: "You aren't going to win a game when you turn the ball over as many times as we did inside our 20. It was a pretty sloppy game on our part. I know we took the ball away from them a couple times, but we can't give up the ball." Top Stories