Reaction from Ducks Locker Room

It is admirable when players and coaches stand up and say there are no excuses for the way they played after a loss. In Saturday's game, the weather did play a huge part in some of the mistakes that took place during the course of the game. Oregon did lay some hard licks on the Cal players that caused some fumbles, but the slippery ball also could have contributed to the lack of ball security…

Duck players Jeremiah Johnson and T.J. Ward both said that the entire team should be used to the rainy weather because they live and practice in similar or worse conditions in Oregon. On the other hand, Duck Head Coach Mike Belotti commented on how it is unheard of for a field to retain and hold water.

At the end of the game, on a crucial play, the turnover bug finally bit the Ducks when Jairus Byrd muffed a punt and Marcus Ezeff recovered the ball on the six. That mistake led to a touchdown run by Shane Vereen that put Cal up 26-16 and sealed the victory for the Bears.

Besides the weather, other mistakes could be pointed out that show how the Ducks let this game get away because Oregon did win the turnover battle. Post game audio from Belotti, Johnson, and Ward…

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