Q&A with Tyson Alualu

Throughout the year, the defensive line constantly made big plays. Cal Sports Digest got the opportunity to ask standout defensive lineman Tyson Alualu a few questions about the progress of the defensive line, expectations for next year, and their upcoming bowl game…

At the start of the season, most observers of the California Golden Bears felt that the linebackers would be the strength of the team, the secondary would be solid, but the defensive line would be a question mark. From the first game against Michigan State, the Bear d-line played a big part in holding one of the best running backs in the country Javon Ringer to 81 rushing yards. One of the big reasons for its success has been the play of Tyson Alualu.
CSD: The linebackers were expected to be the strength of the defense and most people were not sure what to expect from the defensive linemen. How do you feel the defensive line performed this year?

TA: Overall, we did pretty well. We have worked hard and will continue to work hard. We have great linebackers and the offense is always trying to figure out a way to stop them and that opens up a lot of opportunities for us to make plays.

CSD: A 3-4 defense is not set up for the d-line to get lots of sacks, but as a unit you guys came up with a lot of sacks in big situations. How were you guys able to get pressure on the QB with only three d-linemen rushing?

TA: The offensive line focused a lot on the linebackers and we had a good rotation of very athletic players and we keep working until we got there. The coaches did a good job of putting us in the right positions.

CSD: With a number of you guys coming back next year what kind of improvement will you expect from this unit?

TA: Our coaches will work us hard in the off-season. We will get stronger, faster and get better mentally. We will be a veteran group next year.

CSD: How does the team feel about the upcoming bowl game?

TA: We are very happy. All of our hard work paid off from spring until now. All the practices, bumps and bruises ended up being worth it. Its cool !

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