Brazinski Picks Up Offer(s) on Cal Trip

Somerville (NJ) Immaculata center Mark Brazinski is the nation's No. 1 rated center, according to Over the weekend, he took an official visit to California. While away on the West Coast, he picked not one but two offers. He says Cal is a viable option, and it is the only school west of Pennsylvania to have offered…

Mark Brazinski (6-4, 285) added to his FBS school offer list after picking up two more this past weekend. The first was garnered on his official visit to California. The other came via text per se.

"My mom sent me a text saying I was offered by Syracuse, making that six [FBS] offers now," said Brazinski.

He says the lifestyle at Cal stood out to him on his visit. The weather just fell into place.

"The lifestyle, back East versus West Coast, it's a lot different," said Brazinski. "I can't even explain that. It's snowing [in New Jersey] and I'm in shorts with palm trees [around me]. I thought it was pretty cool."

Another thing that caught his attention was Draddy Award winner and All-American center Alex Mack.

"[He is a] very interesting specimen," Brazinski said about Mack. "If you watch him practice, it's wow! [I] can't put into words how he compares to everyone around him."

It was Brazinski's first trip to the Bay Area, "besides going through airports," he says. His previous knowledge of Cal is what most recruits think – good combination of academics and football.

"I knew that they have a very good reputation as a school and very good reputation with football," said Brazinski. "[I knew] that they were more towards the North [of California], wasn't really sure how far North. They always had good tradition of football and education."

He has taken official visits to North Carolina and Boston College as well after de-committing from Rutgers earlier this year. Brazinski claims no favorites, and says he will choose, "the place where I fit in the best."

"Cal is definitely a viable option," said Brazinski. "But it's basically where I fit in the best."

What school currently fits Brazinski the best?

"That's what I need to figure out."

Cal is a late comer in the recruiting battle. Besides the Golden Eagles, Tarheels, and the Orange, he holds offers from Florida State and the Scarlet Knights. Cal is fresh on his mind and just may be his last official visit of the recruiting season.

"They told me that they like my style of play," Brazinski said of his conversations with the Cal coaches.

"It's interesting because I have only been in contact with them for a couple of weeks. So, it was a pretty speedy process. [They said], ‘Hey, we like your style of play. We saw your tape. We have some interest in you, basically this is what we have to offer, give us a good look.' Basically, that is what it came down to."

The Bears, BC and UNC currently hold a slight edge in his recruitment. However, Brazinski –3.75 GPA and 28 ACT – is also considering three Ivy League schools.

"Penn, Harvard and Princeton, I am also looking at," said Brazinski.

His college destination may hinge on what he wants more, a degree from a prestigious academic institution or playing for a great football program. Is it possible for him to have his cake and eat it too?

"Well, that's what I'm in the process of trying to find out," said Brazinski.

"That is why I am sitting down and pondering, that is one of the big decisions I'm going to make along with where I fit in. If I had to answer right now, I'd be committed to the [great football] program."

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