Bears Overcome Slow Start for Easy Win

California started slow against a badly outmanned Colgate squad. But halfway through the first half, the Golden Bears went on a 19-4 run to take a 15-point lead into the half. The game was never in doubt after that with the Bears winning 83-48 in front of 7,518 fans at Haas Pavilion on Monday night...

Colgate was clearly an inferior team and it was surprising they stayed close and even had the lead early in the game.

California Head Coach Mike Montgomery said that he could feel the lack of concentration in the last practice. He cited the upcoming Christmas break as the reason.

"Seems like we had one foot under the Christmas tree," said Montgomery about the team's lethargic start.

"I think the players were looking forward to going home. You get that some in a situation where you are going to go home. I didn't think our concentration at shoot around today was good, which was probably to be expected."

"This was a game where I was thinking we were going to get to play everyone. I guess my mindset might have been the same. That we were going to win and get to play everybody. I think that was reflected early on."

"What we tried to do to change that early lull was to pick up full court. It's not something we've really done, but it was something we wanted to do to try to get our guys to work a little harder and not let Colgate dictate. It paid off for us. We got some points off turnovers. We got some steals. It changed the tempo of the game a little bit. Otherwise, it could have been real dicey if we had just sat back."

"We didn't rebound the ball very well. We were very late to the ball. Our reaction time was not very good. The good news is we did get to play everybody. I really wanted to do that tonight. It gets harder when we get into Conference, so it was important to me that we get everyone on the floor."

Cal moves to 9-2 with a game against Dartmouth next Saturday.

Game Notes

  • Patrick Christopher picked up two early fouls and only played five minutes in the first half. He came back in the second half to go on a personal 9-0 run with three 3-pointers in a row.

  • Jerome Randle was his usual dependable self. When the offense would get into a funk, he would take it to the hole or put in a three to restore order.

  • Cal got a lot of energy and hustle plays tonight from Jamal Boykin and Jorge Gutierrez. Rebounds and tough points in the paint kept Cal going in the early part of the game.

    "Jorge works hard every game in practice," said Boykin. "He's just really scrappy. Every game he is going to make a move that brings up the energy. He's on the ground a lot, too. When he does things like that, it changes the momentum of the game."

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