Crabbe The Apple Of Cal's Eye

Allen Crabbe ended his commitment early. That hasn't stopped the future Cal Bear from proving why he's one of the top prospects on the West Coast.

Had he wanted to, Allen Crabbe could have easily dragged out his recruitment. One of the top shooters on the West Coast, the 6-foot-5 junior wing at Los Angeles (CA) Price had the size and stroke to attract attention from all across the country. Instead, Crabbe celebrated Christmas by offering up a verbal commitment to Mike Montgomery's California program.

As it turns out, Crabbe is enjoying a stress free recruitment because of his early pledge.

"I'm good with it all, relaxed," said Crabbe. "I felt that Cal was a great choice for me and I didn't want to pass up such a good chance for college."

While the opportunity to stay relatively close to home and play in the Pac-10 was important, it was something else about Cal that really sold Crabbe on making an early commitment.

"The coaching staff, especially coach Montgomery," said Crabbe when asked what he liked most about Cal. "I saw what he did at Stanford and now he's coming back at Cal doing good stuff. And their offense, I like the way they use their two guard to shoot it, it's a perfect fit for me."

Of course, it didn't hurt that there would likely be plenty of playing time available by the time the athletic shooter arrived on campus.

"They told me that I'm going to be the decision maker on my playing time," Crabbe told Cal Sports Digest. "When I get there, they'll be losing everybody so there will be lots of opportunity."

So, what exactly does Crabbe feel that he'll bring to the table? What does he need to work on before arriving on campus in 2010?

"I feel like I can score the ball. If my shot is not going from deep, I'm finding ways to get to the basket more and adding to my game. I feel like I can really help as a freshman," said Crabbe. "I'm really working more on my ball handling. That and my defense, just continuing to work on my defense."

With his future secure, Crabbe isn't content to just sit back. He's hoping to bring along some players with him when he arrives in Berkeley and has turned himself into an extra assistant coach of sorts while he prepares for school.

"They told me to go around and recruit and help them out with bringing players in," said Crabbe. "I just want to help bring in a good team, get us ranked and everything. I just want to help out the team with anything I can do." Top Stories