Bears Make Miller's Top Five

Duncan (SC) Byrnes defensive end Corey Miller has developed into one of the top players in the Southeast after the spring. Schools from all over the nation have been recruiting the four-star defensive end. On Monday, he trimmed his list to his top five...

Corey Miller (6-5, 230) has dozens of offers from programs all over the country. Throughout his recruitment he has stated that at some point before his senior year he'd like to trim his list down to a smaller list than the dozens of offers he was looking at.

"I've been chilling pretty much but I decided to trim my list to a top five," said the Byrnes standout.

"The final five are Florida State, California, UCLA, Tennessee and North Carolina. It came down to these five because I talk to these coaches a lot and I feel that I can be successful at any one of them. Each program has good defensive ends. This season I will be watching to see what happens with each of them."

Miller says that he has a comfort level with all five of these schools, but each has something that he likes about them. He talked about each here:

  • Florida State: "They've always interested me, and they have Everett Dawkins there. That will have an influence on the situation. FSU is a top program and they are on the rise. It's a nice campus and the coaches are real cool. They have history there."

  • Cal: "I have a good relationship with Coach Lupoi. Cal is a program on the rise."

  • UCLA: "They have 4 defensive ends leaving so there is a good chance for me to go there and play early as a freshman. Like Cal I am looking to get out there for a visit."

  • Tennessee: "With Lane and Monte Kiffin they have something going. Their recruiting class last year was amazing."

  • North Carolina: "I like Coach Blake and Coach Davis a lot and they've been together for a while. I feel like I won't get any BS from them."

    Miller had been favoring FSU for several months, but he says he is taking an even approach to his list of remaining schools.

    "I'd say things are evening out and I want to focus on these schools," explained Miller.

    "With FSU I just need to get clear on the whole situation with the NCAA. Things have been hectic so it's nice that I can focus on these five and really focus on my team and the upcoming season. I'm pretty sure this is it for the schools I am looking at."

    He isn't sure about visits for the rest of the summer. He's been trying to get out to California to see Cal and UCLA. There is a chance towards the end of July he'll be able to get out there to visit them.

    "I may go out there July 18th because that's really the only chance I can get out there this summer," said Miller.

    If I can't I will be going to Showtime with Marcus Lattimore and Brandon Willis. It's been tough to get out there."

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