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Cal Sports Digest is covering the 2009 Pac-10 Media Day in Los Angeles. Check in for LIVE updates from Thursday's event...

9:25 - The coaches lined up for a photo op as festivities are about to begin in the next few minutes.

9:30 - New Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott begins media day with an introduction.

Players attending media day:

ArizonaCam Nelson, S, 6-1, 202 SR
Arizona StateMike Nixon, LB, 6-3, 224, SR
CaliforniaJahvid Best, RB, 5-10, 195, JR
Oregon – Walther Thurmond III, 6-0, 180, SR
Oregon StateKeaton Kristick, LB, 6-3, 230, SR
StanfordToby Gerhart, RB, 6-1, 202, SR
UCLAReggie Carter, LB, 6-1, 240, SR
USCTaylor Mays, s, 6-3, 230, SR
WashingtonDonald Butler, LB, 6-1, 225, SR
Washington StateKenny Alfred, OL, 6-2, 300, SR

9:40 - Washington State coach Paul Wulff and Alfred take the podium.

9:45 - Coach Wulff updates the status of LB Louis Bland who injured his knee during spring. His mobility is limited right now, but Wulff hopes he will be able to play by the first game.

9:46 - Wulff answers Tweet question regarding no-huddle offense. The Cougars plan to use it this season.

9:50 - Washington coach Steve Sarkisian takes the podium without Butler. He describes how it is unbelievable honor to be the head coach at Washington.

9:53 - Butler joins Coach Sarkisian at the podium.

9:55 - Coach Sarkisian updates the academic status of incoming JUCO recruits. Dorson Boyce is the only player he mentions by name that is enrolled.

9:56 - Sarkisian answers question regarding UW resembling USC this season. He says the similarities will be there, "I'm not going to reinvent the wheel."

9:58 - Sarkisian answers question regarding quarterback Jake Locker and the California Angles. Sarkisian expects Locker/Angles dealt to get done.

10:01 - UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel takes the podium without Carter.

10:03 - Carter joins him at the podium and adds to Coach Neuheisel's introduction.

10:04 - Neuheisel answers questions regarding the Bruins' current Scout.com No. 40 recruiting ranking. And if UCLA plans to make a late push at the end. Neuheisel admits he doesn't like early commits. He says he prefers thorough evaluation, which includes some senior film. He says rankings don't matter as long as the players fit the program.

10:08 - Neuheisel answers question regarding running back Christian Ramirez and the depth chart. He says Ramirez would likely have played a lot last season if he was eligible. Therefore, his rise to atop the depth chart this offseason should not be unexpected.

10:10 - Carter answers question regarding the Bruins' quarterback situation. He says Kevin Prince is very composed for a freshman. He expects him to be a solid quarterback.

10:11 - Neuheisel is asked to expand on the Prince. He agrees with Carter's analysis.

10:19 - Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh and Gerhart take podium.

10:22 - Harbaugh talks about how physical the conference will be.

10:25 - Gerhart answers question regarding whether he will pursue pro football or pro baseball. He says he will follow whichever opportunity is possible. If he has a great football season, he will pursue pro football. If not, and he has a solid baseball season, he will pursue pro baseball. He says he has a passion for both sports, but currently has a great passion for football.

10:31 - Gerhart is asked if he knows another great former Stanford player who played both football and baseball, John Elway. He answers, "I've never met him."

10:32 - Harbaugh answers questions about the physical games with USC in 2007 and 2008.

10:33 - Harbaugh answers questions about the many two-way players he used in the spring. He says he will continue to use players both ways. He feels with the multiple TV timeouts during games, players can play both ways. He says his players don't seem to get tired. "Maybe it will be a new trend," he added.

10:36 - Arizona State coach Dennis Erickson and Nixon take the podium.

10:40 - Erickson answers question about incoming linebacker recruit Vontaze Burifict. "It's in the [NCAA] Clearinghouse. He's done everything he has to do."

10:42 - Nixon is asked about the Pac-10's best running backs. "Jahvid Best, he's the homerun threat. He can go 80 yards on any given play."

10:48 - BREAK

11:10 - Arizona coach Mike Stoops and Nelson take the podium. Stoops feels the Pac-10 conference has never been stronger. He also says this is the best Arizona team he's had in his tenure in terms of scholarship players 1-85. Also states this is his best defense, "The best 11 players we've ever put on defense."

11:16 - Stoops says the only chance he plays his brother is in a bowl game.

11:18 - Nelson is asked about the offensive talent in the Pac-10. "Jahvid Best, he's super quick, a great back."

11:30 - Cal head coach Jeff Tedford and Best take the podium. Tedford talks about the excitement surrounding the start of fall camp on August 7.

11:32 - First question for Tedford was about staying home and playing in the Emerald Bowl. He says the bowl experience was great, and he wanted to clear up the misconception that his players were not excited to stay home and play in a bowl game.

11:33 - Second question was about the 9:00 a.m. PT kickoff for the Minnesota game and if he learned anything about last season's 9:00 a.m. game at Maryland. Tedford says last season's game was more about lack of execution not the kickoff time. If anything was an issue, it was the humidity. But he says they will try some new things this season like leaving a day earlier.

11:35 - Tedford answers question regarding his string of 1,000 backs and Best this season. He says Best is, "Definitely worth the prize of admission."

11:36 - Tedford is asked about his expectations of quarterback Kevin Riley this season as he enters his junior year. He says consistency is what he is looking for no matter if it is Riley, Brock Mansion or Beau Sweeney.

11:37 - Tedford asked about the rule that regulates the Rose Bowl will have to take at least one non-BCS school starting next season, and how he would feel if Cal was left out of the Rose Bowl because of the new rule. He says at Cal, the Rose Bowl is the goal and that Golden Bear fans would prefer to play in the Rose Bowl before the national championship.

11:38 - Tedford asked about playing USC for homecoming. He says he isn't sure who scheduled it but, "It will be sold out and will be a great environment."

11:39 - Tedford asked about losing All-American center Alex Mack. He says he has confidence in Chris Guarnero.

11:40 - Best adds to the Mack question saying the one thing the team will miss is Mack's intensity. "Chris Guarnero is going to step up."

11:41 - Best asked if he believes he is the fasted player in the Pac-10. "I like to think I am."

11:42 - Tedford asked about the defense. He says the defense may be better this year – the second using the 3-4 scheme.

11:44 - Tedford asked question regarding if he regretted the way he handled the quarterbacks last season. He says he is not a fan of quarterbacks by committee did not regret last year's quarterback situation.

11:45 - The final question was about Best's Heisman campaign. Tedford says he is okay with the campaign because Best is the team's most unselfish player. The Heisman is not Jahvid's or the team's goal. And because of that, the team has a great deal of respect for him.

11:46 - Oregon State coach Mike Riley and Kristick take the podium.

11:52 - Riley is asked who will be the next "Jacquizz Rogers"? Riley replied that they didn't even know "Quizz" was that type of player at this point of the year last season.

11:55 - Questions continued about Quizz's impact last season and at one point last year did the team realize he would become an impact player. Riley and Kristick both pointed to the team's first scrimmage last year.

12:00 - Oregon coach Chip Kelly and Thurmond take the podium. Tongue-in-cheek, Kelly immediately states he and Thurmond voted for Tim Tebow for first team all-conference honors.

12:03 - Kelly updates the status of backup quarterback Nate Costa who had his third knee surgery. He believes Costa will push starter Jeremiah Masoli this season despite recovering from another knee injury.

12:04 - Kelly asked about playing Boise State in the opener. Kelly says he'd had have it no other way. He wants to play a tough non-conference schedule that being BSU, Purdue and Utah this season.

12:06 - Kelley asked about his relationship with Phil Knight. He says he's a dear friend, and he is truly the No. 1 Oregon fan. "The fact he's on our side makes sleep better at night."

12:08 - USC coach Pete Carroll and Mays take the podium. Carroll opens with stating it's exciting to be back at media day. In his opening statement, he says Aaron Corps solidified his spot at the No. 1 quarterback during spring. However, true freshman Matt Barkley was not too far behind in the race.

12:17 - Carroll asked if he could change one thing about the NCAA, he says create a playoff that would use the bowls to create a true national champion.

12:18 - Carroll asked about incoming recruit Frankie Telfort's injury that may prevent him from ever playing a down of college football. Carroll says it's a tough situation and he is still part of the Trojan family.

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