King Awaits Decision, Trips to Cal Oct. 3

Greensboro (N.C.) Northern Guilford defensive lineman Gabe King Gabe King is awaiting reinstatement while continuing through the recruiting process. He currently favors Alabama, Cal, and Oregon. King has scheduled an official visit to Berkeley on October 3 when the Bears square off against USC...

Gabe King (6-4, 253) did not play the first two games for Northern Guilford High School in Greensboro, N.C., because of an ongoing court case with the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.

The NCHSAA stripped King of his eligibility, ruling that he had falsified residency information. King is waiting for the final verdict to be announced on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

"If I get reinstated then I can go back to playing football [at Northern Guilford]," King said.

"If I don't, then I'll go to a prep school. I'm not sure which one yet, but we've got a few in mind.

"I'm actually only four classes away from graduating, so if I go to a prep school I'll be graduating in December," he said.'s No. 35 defensive end says his top three are now California, Oregon and Alabama. Those three lead solidly over Tennessee, Maryland and North Carolina. All of his favorites have offered (45 total).

King will be taking his first official visit to Oregon on Sept. 19 for the Utah game.

"I love that they don't start school until the fourth game of the year," he said of the Ducks academic system.

"I also like how they are affiliated with Nike," he said. "And the team is all about speed and athleticism. That's how I like to play."

King says he's surprised that the Ducks lost to Boise State on Thursday, Sept. 3, but says he sees it as an opportunity for the program.

"It was a tough loss," he said. "But I'm more interested to see how they rebound.

"They really lost big that night because they lost the game and a terrific player (running back LeGarrette Blount who was suspended for the season after punching Broncos defensive end Byron Hout)," he said.

"It's a good opportunity for them now to show what they've got. I want to see how they respond to everything."

King also attended the Ducks camp earlier this summer.

The only other trip that King has scheduled already is an official visit to California on Oct. 3 for the Bears game against USC.

"I love [defensive line] coach Tosh Lupoi," he said. "He really likes me as a hybrid and wants to showcase my athleticism as opposed to being a hard-nosed style d-lineman.

"The Cal degree is also very impressive," he said. "It's the best public university in the country."

King also attended the Bears camp during the summer, as well as an Alabama camp.

"That was a huge learning experience for me," King said of the Alabama camp.

"It was a great camp. There are so many things they teach you about my position I didn't even know. It was truly amazing and eye opening and I really appreciate (defensive line) coach Bo Davis and all the time he spent with me."

Although they aren't in his current top three, King says that Tennessee has been recruiting him the hardest.

"I get at least like 10 pieces of mail from them everyday," he said. "Plus they email all the time."

King says he's always followed the Vols, but admits it wasn't for the most compelling reason.

"I always like their colors," he said. "But I realized that there are more important things when choosing a university."

He says he likes the new Vols coaching staff and is excited to see what they can do.

"I love the win they had in the opener (a 63-7 rout of Western Kentucky)," he said. "They looked really good and I think they're definitely coming back.

"Plus, I love SEC football," King said. "It's collision football in the SEC…not tackling, collision."

King says he's also going to try and attend a few games of local favorite North Carolina this season as well.

"I'm gonna let it ride out," he said about the recruiting process.

But what is King looking for in a college program?

"I'd like to play my first year," he said. "I want to go where there's a good family atmosphere. I also want continuity in the coaching staff and where there's prestige within the program. I'd like to go to a good name school that is recognized."

King finished his junior season with 75 solo tackles.

"I love to observes and listen," he said. "I'm big on the mental part of the game. I love being coached and learning about football."

He says he can bench 325-pounds, squat 455 and claims a 38-inch vertical jump.

"I think I've got a lot of great athletic ability and potential," he said. "I have a lot of natural talent but just need to learn more and put it all together. If I get any faster, it would be scary."

King plans on majoring in entertainment technology or business management. He reports a 2.8 core GPA. He is taking the SAT for the first time in October.

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