Orange Run Bears, 95-73, at the Garden

No. 13 California had no answer for the Syracuse zone defense falling behind by double digits at the half en route to a 95-73 drubbing at Madison Square Garden in the semifinals of the 2K Sports Classic. Jerome Randle led the Golden Bears with 25 points...


"As I told the team, I don't think that was who we are, but I knew we were going to have problems," Cal head coach Mike Montgomery said following the loss.

"Their size was going to cause us a problem and it did. Their zone was going to cause us a problem and it did. Unfortunately, some of the things that we worked on did not translate to the game. They got 19 points on turnovers, which is really a high number. Your objective always is to if you make a mistake or miss a shot to get back and have an opportunity to defend and not give them a good shot. We didn't do that.

"They had a lot of run outs, dumps, breaks, follow-ups. And it's hard to do that in a game against a team that good. So that really put us in a tough spot. They're much bigger than us. We knew that was going to be a problem for us and when Markhuri [Sanders-Frison] got two and Jamal [Boykin] got two it really put us in a tough spot not having enough big guys to compete in there.

"But they're a good basketball team and they shot the ball very well. I think part of the reason was they were very confident. I don't think they fell threatened and when you don't feel threatened you can play kind of loose and easy and I think that's probably what happened."

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