Lupoi Focused on Pasadena

For California Golden Bear Defensive Line Coach Tosh Lupoi, it is all about the present…

That does not mean that there is no future.

Tosh Lupoi, who lives and breathes California football, wants to play in the next Rose Bowl as much as the most passionate fan.

In addition, that does not mean that there is no past. Lupoi, now in his third season as the man behind Call's defensive line, quickly learns from experience. He then does not dwell on what has happened, and what he cannot change.

Yes, for Lupoi, it is about the present. It is the one ground that separates the past from the future but, in an odd way, binds them. The present is where you can learn from the past, but prepare for the future. The present is how a Rose Bowl can become a reality.

"We focus on every single day," says Lupoi. "One day at a time, with great work ethic. Every single day, we wake up with the opportunity for us to get better."

"We are always going to focus on the process, instead of the outcome."

Even though California's next game is over five months away, there is no shift in any philosophy. Every single day, whether fall or spring, midseason or offseason, Lupoi is heard shouting the same phrase-- "Let's get better, today!"

"The goal and the expectation is to improve on a daily basis," says Lupoi. "We are not going to focus on things such as where we are going to be by fall, or even by summer, or even one week from now."

"We are really going to have the focus on debriefing today's work and then, tomorrow, evaluate the work from the day before for how we can get better. As long as we are improving-- one way or another-- then we are headed in the right direction."

The focus being in the present is in full display everyday in practice. When working in individual drills, Lupoi goes through the drill to emphasize technique. During team periods, Lupoi can be seen sprinting and celebrating when his lineman makes a big stop. When the defensive line is punished by doing up-downs, he joins them. In the coldest weather, Lupoi dons the same attire: a T-shirt and shorts.

And, after a full-pads practice in the beginning of April, Lupoi took extra time to work on conditioning and technique with redshirt freshman Deandre Coleman.

It is that attention to detail and dedication to his philosophy that makes him successful. Off the field, he is seen as a family member to everybody within the program. On the recruiting trail, Lupoi is credited as a major reason why California finished with one of the more successful classes in history. In coaching, Lupoi is seen as an up-and-comer.

"Whether it's recruiting or the defensive line, nothing is going to change as far as our goals from year to year."

"It's all about the process."

And he hopes it can lead him and his Bears into Pasadena on New Years Day.

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