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Initially, Woodlands (TX) running back Daniel Lasco had scheduled to make his college decision this week. However, a few schools have come into the picture, including the California Golden Bears...

Daniel Lasco was looking to shut things down, but reconsidered.

Friday, May 28 was supposed to be the day for Lasco to decide where he wanted to play college ball. But some positive things happened on his behalf and now that verbal commitment he was looking to make will come at a later date.

"Right now, I want to let things ease back into the summer. I wanted to be committed by now, but a couple of schools jumped in and I want to take a couple more visits those new schools," Lasco said. "And then I'll figure out what's next on my decision. I'll probably be decided by the middle of the summer."

So even though the 6-foot, 190-pound Lasco has slowed things down on his end, that has not stopped the college coaches from coming in the masses to check him out over the past couple of weeks. Without going into details, it was stated that Lasco picked up close to 15 offers over the last two weeks.

Meaning, his total is somewhere close to 29 offers. But Lasco is not focused on that big number. For some time, Miami, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State and TCU were said to be in a good position for his services, but with the process wide open, some other programs will likely see him on campus.

"California came into the picture and I still have not taken a visit to TCU. And Oregon came in two days ago," Lasco said. "Those three schools are where I want to go check out right now. Then after that, I'll be able to know where I want to go."

Up to this point, programs Texas, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Miami and Arkansas have had him on campus unofficially in some capacity.

The great advantage to this decision take a look at a few other places, it gives Lasco the time to shift a little more focus to himself. There are a few things Lasco looks to improve on as he gets prepared for his senior season.

"I definitely, look to get bigger. I want to be ready and healthy for the next season at 100 percent," Lasco, who rushed for 1,520 yards and had a 127 receiving yards for 19 total touchdowns, said. "I know last year I had a couple bumps and bruises that me out for a little while so I want to be healthy for the whole season. I look to get stronger and faster so I can take some hits. That is what I will work on this summer."

With spring ball over, The Woodlands team will begin playing in 7-on-7 tournaments, which Lasco participates in as well.

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