Q&A With Defensive Coordinator Bill D'Ottavio

Knights News recently caught up with Defensive Coordinator Bill D'Ottavio. Inside coach D'Ottavio talks about the efforts his defensive unit gave in the spring and the depth he's trying to develop. Coach D'Ottavio was pleased with the players such as Roy Williams, Paul Carrington, Rovel Hamilton, and Peter Sand. Coach D'Ottavio also talks about JC Josh Stephens.

On players that developed into a better player than expected

I was pleased with Roy Williams you know he played defensive end last year and we moved him inside late in the last season.  He had a good productive spring at nose guard and we're excited what he can do there in that position.  Paul Carrington continued to develop out of defensive end we're very happy with his progress.  They would be the two players that jumped to mind as far as spring that they had.


On JC Josh Stephens who might help the defensive line

We have JC by the name of Josh Stephens.  We're expecting him to come in and compete for playing time.  That is the reason you go out to get the JC guys because of the potential need at the position so we're hoping that he'll get here and be in shape and ready to go when compete in training camp.


On weakness that is a concern for the coaching staff have on the defensive unit

Right now depth is still our primary concern and I would say it's still our biggest weakness.  Having guys enrolled ready to step in and play a lot of football and that's what you're trying to develop in the spring.  I think we took steps toward that.  I think looking ahead next year, and if everybody takes care of their business from now until August, I think we should have fairly good experience up front.  The linebacker crew and the secondary, particularly in the secondary, which we returned three out of the four starters there, we only loose Asante Samuel Rovel Hamilton played a lot last year for us so we're expecting him to step right in.  We're feeling good about the four guys that are going to step on the field in that position.  We're going to develop the guys behind them.  I think throughout our defense I think depth is the biggest concern right now.  We got some battle at some other positions that have to play out in the fall camp.


On Peter Sand's development

Peter Sand is a young a guy that really developed well and played some as a freshman last year obviously was his first year as a starter as a sophomore.  I though he had a really good spring.  Each practice he had, he takes another step forward and understanding our defense.  We expect big things out of him, hopefully in the leadership role and are able to run the show back there as far as our secondary concern along with Atari Bigby


On Atari Bigby

Atari, he did not have the full spring behind him.  He was out there basically on the weekend but Atari is where we want him to be.  He still got some development he still needs to do.  Then again, this will be his second year as a starter for us and third year playing in the system so we expect big things out of Atari.  I think we got the safeties right there that will be the upper classmen and we expect a lot of leadership from.  A lot of good football to be plays from those two guys and Atari certainly the guy we look to for big things.


On Omar Laurence

He'll be a sophomore a redshirt sophomore next year.  He started for us this year and really had a good season so we expect big things out of Omar Laurence.  Another year of experience, understanding what he's doing, he's a guy with a lot of abilities and we expect him to do well.

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