Kruczek: "I Can't Put Into Words"

On Tuesday, UCF head coach Mike Kruczek announced that senior quarterback Ryan Schneider and redshirt freshman center Cedric Gagne-Marcoux have been suspended for the remainder of the season due to a violation of team rules. If you're hungry for some tidbits, inside coach Kruczek talks about senior QB Schneider and true freshman QB Steven Moffet.

On an eventful day

"In a word, it' been a down more then anything else.  I understand through sources that we have accepted a bid for C-USA.  I think it's great…We lost two very prolific players due to team regulations and doing something in my guesstimate poor choice…That's a tough thing to deal with right now."


How tough was it to see Ryan Schneider ends his career in such scandal?

"I can't put into words.  I spend four and half years in that boy life trying to help raise him.  I have a genuine love for him. I know it hurt that this happened this late it really does.  I know it's a tough pill, I know for him to swallow obviously, but it's hard for me because of the relationship.  I'm not talking about the team and the success of this football team.  I know he let himself and his family down and this family (the football team).  I have a certain amount of sympathy for him and I wished it didn't happen."


How much of a blemish you think this might have on his career here at UCF?

"Oh, I don't know.  It's hard to say…The guy played in almost 40 football games and have the success he had, at least statistically.  He didn't have the season he wants to have this year because he was hurting.  He did have the support staff he had in years past and I think the records reflect that.  He still got to be an individual to be known as a quarterback that ever played here.  Regardless of what happened here, you can't take away what he did on the football field.  He still going to be the second most prolific football player ever played in the system and I was proud to coach him."


How was Steven Moffet in practice?

"I though Steven Moffet did remarkably well for a guy that takes little reps that he had taken within the system.  Understanding the signal 1, getting a call, getting it hot, understand ball handling, and defenses.  He really comes a long way.  I worked him last week quite a bit, I knew Ryan is coming back and had no intention of playing him although people might not share the same opinion when they saw him in practice but I think last week was a big help for him understanding what we do, getting the reps he did get.  It's going to be waited and see thing, see how well he progressed.  Obviously, he takes the majority of the reps." 


On Eastern Michigan

"A team that had struggled, obviously, but confusingly had done remarkable through the first two quarters of every game and had those teams on the rope going into halftime…and for some reasons fall apart in the second half.  They're a team that can play and play with heighten confidence with this new coach this week for him."


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