Q&A With Steven Moffett

Who will be the starter at quarterback? That is the question UCF fans want to know. Coach Mike Kruczek wants to evaluate his quarterbacks through Thursday, that's when he will name his starter. Knights News talks to Steven Moffett after Tuesday practice. Inside Moffett talks about Ryan Schneider, his status on Saturday's game against Eastern Michigan and much more.

Did coach Kruczek asked you to play?

"Some things happened and coach (Kruczek) asked me if I want to play.  As soon as he asked me, I said ‘yes, I want to play'.  I really want to play.  I took a shot at it and ran with it.  Some people are worry about the redshirt, but I'm not really worry about that.  I am worry about playing, worry about get in better this year, getting ready for next season.  Next season we opened at Wisconsin, I don't want to come in never taking a snap in front of people so I want to be prepared." 


Is this your opportunity to learn the system in these three games?

"Yes, it'll be a big positive because if I play right now and get my first rep during spring (next spring) that would help me prepare to coming into the game (against Wisconsin) with 70,000 people there…It will help me out.  If I'm a RB or something, I might not be worry so much about playing.  But I'm a quarterback, I need the experience.  I don't want to play in front of 70,000 people and don't know how to communicate with my team.  Our last two games are big game, rivalry games, so we probably will have a big crowd.  That would help me get ready to play in the big crowd and communicate with my teammates better."


From Winter Park High School to big time, do you think you're going to play this Saturday?

"Yes, 99.9 percent."


Will you be a starter quarterback on Saturday?

I hope I will play.  I'm getting the reps.  You all see the same thing I see so we can all guess. 


What was your reaction to the news of Schneider's dismissal?

"I was real surprised.  I didn't remember my reaction.  It was weird.  He taught me a lot so I hope I can retain what he taught me."


Would you describe the mood during practice?

"We didn't really talk about it.  Everybody wants to stay upbeat.  We're tried to look forward to this game (against EMU).  If we don't prepare right away, we will come out and get shock.  These next three games are MAC games so we just want to finish strong because 3-0 in the MAC and we will finish with .500 records."

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