Alex Haynes Talks About George O'Leary

With the hiring of George O'Leary on Monday, UCF is making a commitment of taking the program to the next level. Junior tailback Alex Haynes was happy about hiring of O'Leary and he's ready to get some redemption for last season.

On his reaction to the news

"Excited, I have been waiting for a while for the news to see who the coach is.  I hate to see a coach get fired, but it's bitter sweet.  Right now I'm ready to go out there to see what he got to say and be positive and work for him and be a leader out there."


Expected news?

"Yes, I heard it's coming around that he's going to be a new head coach but its matter of waiting around and waiting for it to happen.  It's time to pick up the pieces."


On O'Leary

"He's qualified.  He knows the X's and O's.  He has been around; he has been at Georgia Tech.  He coached a championship team and that's what we want.  We want somebody can come in and be a great leader.  Now we have to be ready go out there and go to work." 


Isn't it ironic for the administration to hire O'Leary as the head coach since so many players got suspended for a similar violation?

"No, I guess it's a punishment when he lost the Notre Dame job.  It's like a suspension.  Everybody makes mistake.  I feel like he's more than qualified.  We all know who he is.  He wouldn't have the NFL defensive coordinator job if he's not qualified."


On discussion with other players

"I talked to a couple of players.  I'm pretty sure the players are just like me.  Right now we just want to get some redemption for last season."

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