Meet Gary Johnson

In 2003-04 season, UCF will need guards to help fill the void left behind by the graduation of Ray Abellard. Junior college Gary Johnson came to UCF from Detroit in hoping to fill the void at the point guard position. Johnson is making a difference for the Knights thus far on the court. The Knights might not miss a beat with the addition of Johnson. Meet Gary Johnson.

Q: Gary, welcome to UCF.  Would you tell us about your plan and what we should expect to see?

A:  Obviously coming down to UCF I realized that this is like mainly a football predominant school.  The talent we have on this team this year and with a couple of players like Kingsley and myself who are from New York.  We'll try to bring that flavor to the game we'll try to even it out.


Q:  Why did you choose to attend UCF?

A:  I'm happy to have an opportunity to be playing basketball.  Coach Kirk Speraw and Tom Schuberth came down to see me playing in a National Tournament in Hutchinson, Kansas last season.  That's when they first got interested in my game.  When I came down here and I like the team atmosphere and the coaching staff.  I liked what they had to bring to the table as far as what I got to bring to the table.  It's a good match for me, so I thought the best move would be coming to UCF. 


Q:  What do you want to do after basketball here at UCF?

A:  I want to work in the school system.


Q:  Your home is in Detroit, Michigan.  How will your family get a chance to watch you play basketball?

A:  Detroit it's kind of far from here and so the only game that they came really catch is when we go up to New York against Niagara.  Niagara is about three and half hours away from home.  I think they'll get a chance to come out and see me playing then.  But other than that, I'll be mailing them the tapes


Q:  Tell us about Golden Knights Men's basketball team

A:  The team is pretty good as far as sharing the ball.  This is the team that I've been on that everyone willing to do that.  In a sense that make the team better.  I'll always learn that you got to pass the good shot to get a better shot.  It seems that everyone likes to give up the ball and we will always get a better shot, in an essence it will make us a better team in the long run. 


Q:  I most probably know how Dexter Lyons played the game.  What will you do to make the team better?

A:  I love to play with Dexter.  I came out here in a visit and play with him I was thinking that I could really use him on the wing.  I play the point guard and I like to distribute the ball.  So I figured that if I could get a wing player who really likes to work hard as I work, the sky is the limit as far as playing in the A-Sun Tournament.


Q:  I know that this is still early in the season, but would you talk about the team chemistry?

A:  With it been so early in the season, the chemistry that we have all together are very well.  No matter how we switched team in practice, we seem to play pretty well together.

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