One On One With Roberto Morentin

The Golden Knights will boast one of tougher front lines in the conference this season. Senior Roberto Morentin is leading the way for UCF. Morentin, averaging 11.5 PPG this season, is anxious to help UCF to get to the big dance in March.

Q: Would you talk about he expectation you have and the team has for this season?

A: We want to go to the big dance. I want to go to the NCAA Tournament and this is my last chance. I really think we have a good team to do that.

Q: Would you talk about the strength of this team?

A: We have a very good and balance game. I think the outside game has improved from last year. The inside game, even with the lost of Ed Dotson, I think we have guys that will step up to fill the void.

Q: Would you compare to the talents on this team to the one of last year?

A: I think we're more complete. We're a lot younger and we have a lot more depth and shooters. I think we defiantly have a better team then last year. We lot a lot of good talents.

Q: Would you tell us about your game and your style.

A: Vlade Divac and Arvydas Sabonis are the players I tried to pick up some moves from. I imitate myself from those two players. I have similar style of playing as they are.

Q: How many classes do you have left at UCF?

A: I got five classes left. I have five classes in the spring and two in the summer.

Q: After basketball here at UCF, what do you want to do?

A: I want to take a chance with the pro teams in Spain. I have a very good chance with them. I have confidence that I'll be playing professionally oversea.

Q: Would you talk about Dexter Lyons

A: He's hard. He's full of energy and gets the team going. He gives a lot of efforts and he's a show man. I love that guy. I am glad that I have a chance play with him last year and this year.

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