Middleton Wants to be a Knight

UCF offensive line coach, <STRONG>Dave DeGuglielmo</STRONG>, remembered the name <STRONG>Brandon Middleton</STRONG> immediately after he received a phone call from Orangeburg, South Carolina.&nbsp; Coach Guge told Middleton that he remembered Middleton for his aggressiveness on the field.&nbsp; Coach Guge likes his offensive linemen who are aggressive and competitive on the field, all of which are Middleton's qualities.

The 6-6, 335 offensive lineman, Middleton, went to South Carolina camp last year while coach Guge was the assistant coach there.  Middleton met coach Guge at USC and they got along pretty well.  "He knew a lot about me when he was at USC," said Middleton.  "When I found out that he got the job at UCF, I email him and then he called me back and I was happy about that," added Middleton.  Middleton said he's a big fan of coach Guge which was the main reason for him to look into the UCF program.  How much Middleton knows about UCF?  "I didn't know much about UCF before coach Guge took a job there," said Middleton.  "Coach Guge is a great coach.  I was really shock when USC let him go," added Middleton. 

Coach Guge asked Middleton to send him the film.  Coach Guge is looking at Middleton's statistics and film but the decision is out of his hand.  Head coach George O'Leary will make the ultimate decision whether or not to offer Middleton.

UCF will contact Middleton sometime this week.  If UCF offer, he would love to take an official visit.  Middleton plans to visit UCF this weekend.

So is Middleton ready to be a Knight if UCF offer?  "If UCF offer me, I think I'll commit," said Middleton.

Middleton has a lot of respect for head coach George O'Leary.  Middleton remembered coach O'Leary's when he was the head coach at Georgia Tech.  "I'm a fan of the ACC and I remembered when he coach at Georgia Tech.  He is a great coach.  The things that he did at Georgia Tech with the team they had were great.  When he signed with UCF I though he would definitely make UCF better," said Middleton. 

UTEP, North Carolina State called Middleton.  USC also called, but they're on and off which Middleton isn't sure of what their decision is.  Currently, Middleton doesn't have any offer from a D-IA school.  Middleton has many high profile D-IAA offers, but he's waiting for an offer from school like UCF. 

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