Shologan Signed

Former UCF defensive tackle Keith Shologan has been trying to find his niche for some time now. The Alberta, Canada born product wasn't heavily recruited out of high school, except for the likes of UCF, Stanford and Boise State. Find out about this newly signed NFL defensive tackle.

In search of a college, Shologan wasn't accepted into Stanford and thus only had two offers, but decided to head to south to Orlando. A mainstay for the Knights throughout his career, Shologan was named to the All-Conference USA Second-Team this past season, and his strong play earned him a contract with the San Diego Chargers as an undrafted free agent.

Prior to being picked up by the Chargers, Shologan was considered one of the best prospects in the Canadian Football League, but after signing a contract with the NFL team, he fell to the fourth-overall pick and was selected by the Saskatchewan Roughriders. This selection guarantees that Shologan should have a home and a career in professional football regardless of what happens with the defending AFC West champions.

The Canadian native had a prosperous career with the Knights for several reasons, but mainly because of his non-stop motor. Shologan's relentless pursuit to get to ball carriers when he was with the Knights earned him 40 tackles as a senior. Perhaps the most impressive stat of Shologan's was his 50 games played with the Knights, tied for the most all time.

Despite unmatched effort and solid production, Shologan didn't hear his name called in the draft, primarily because NFL teams didn't see him finding a home at one position in the pros. At 6'2", 290 lbs, Shologan doesn't have the size to play his natural position, defensive tackle, and a top 40-time of 5.19 seconds doesn't bode well for his chances to play defensive end. Although being a ‘tweener might have caused him to go undrafted and not be heavily recruited, Shologan might have found the perfect slot in sunny San Diego.

The Chargers run a 3-4 defense, which requires large, yet quick defensive ends. Shologan has a nice burst, plays with excellent leverage and has the size to fit the role perfectly, so there is a very good chance that he can stick with the Chargers.

Trying to find a natural position and a home has been difficult the past few months for the former Knight, but things are looking like they'll work out. He will continue to stay in the temperate climate as a pro, and is in a scheme that will take advantage of all his strengths, and even in a worst case scenario, Shologan will head back up north to his native land of Canada and will be a heralded player for the Roughriders. Yup, looks like Shologan will fit in to life after UCF just fine.

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