Brandan Bishop: A Knight in the Making?

Safety Brandan Bishop moved from a Class 2A school in Florida, to Boca Raton H.S, a 4A school. Bishop experienced strong success in his first season at Boca and looks to repeat that his senior season. Colleges noticed that Bishop made a smooth transition to a higher level and now Bishop is starting to receive a lot of interest from notable programs across the country, including UCF.

Brandan Bishop has plenty of things going for him; he is a bright young man who thrives in the classroom, and is dedicated to improving himself in every aspect of life. That being said, Bishop is also a terrific football player who has caught the eye of numerous big time football programs. UCF has intently concentrated on Bishop for some time, and while the Knights have yet to extend a scholarship to Bishop, there seems to be a mutual feeling of interest between both parties.

Prior to his junior season, Bishop transferred from North Broward Prep, a 2A school in Florida, to Boca Raton, a 4A school. The level of competition didn't affect Bishop that much as he made an immediate impact for Boca.

"I really didn't see that big of a difference from 2A to 4A" said Bishop. "The biggest distinction between the two levels is the depth. A lot more schools are bigger and faster at 4A than 2A."

That depth didn't scare away Bishop, whose smooth transition prompted tons of interest from some big time FCS schools. He has already received offers from FIU and Air Force, but has also been heavily recruited by UCF, Wake Forest, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, WMU, Oklahoma State, Vanderbilt and Temple. Bishop said that Temple is likely close to offering him as well.

"I have been to UCF, Wake Forest, Minnesota and Pittsburgh and I enjoyed all of the campuses."

Of the schools Bishop has visited, he was perhaps most impressed by UCF's campus.

"The campus itself and the facilities are great here," said Bishop who was taking a breather during the Adidas 7-on-7 Passing Camp. Bishop looked smooth during the camp, moving with grace and poise, making plays all over the field. While Bishop did look impressive over the weekend, he admits to 7-on-7's not quite being his game.

"I'm a hitter. I'm physical and my game is at its best with pads on."

Teams have never questioned Bishops' toughness or tenacity, but speed and size have been concerns for many talent evaluators. Two years ago, Bishop stood at 6'1" and roughly 175 lbs, and he also ran his 40-yard dash in the 4.6's. Bishop has proved critics wrong as of late, bulking up to a more than respectable 200 lbs. While adding muscle, Bishop also trimmed time of his 40, running a 4.57.

"I think [adding the weight] tells coaches a lot. It says I am a hard worker and a player who is willing to do whatever it takes."

Although Bishop has worked extremely hard to get where he is now, he knows he has even farther to go.

"I just need to work hard. I'd like to get a little faster. I am in the ‘land of speed' (south Florida) so going against top athletes helps. I'm also trying to get a little bigger; I'd like to get to 205 lbs.

Since transferring to Boca Raton, Bishop has displayed an excellent attitude and great dedication to his craft, something college coaches will love. Perhaps the biggest strength of Bishops' though is his versatility. He plays both strong safety and wide receiver for Boca, and also played free safety last season.

"A lot of teams see me as a possible outside backer too."

Bishop certainly has the frame to get even bigger if he decides to, but for now he is going to stay at safety and let colleges decide what position he will play.

"I have enjoyed all my visits so far. Pittsburgh shares a lot of their facilities with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Minnesota has a nice new stadium, and Wake Forest and UCF were beautiful."

Bishop says he currently has no favorites and that he'd like to go to the school that has the best situation. With his combination of talent and dedication, there is little doubt that Bishop will find ‘the right situation' somewhere, and don't be surprised if the former Oviedo native decides to stay local.

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