Hans Rice Getting Close

Hans Rice visited UCF earlier in July and thoroughly enjoyed his trip to Orlando. The talented linebacker from Eufaula (Alabama) will still make some trips this summer, but the Knights rank high on his list. Rice is close to a decision and guess who he has listed as his number one pick?

When Hans Rice visited UCF in early July, he was literally blown away by everything the school had to offer.

"The visit went real well. I was introduced to a lot of the coaches and spent time with Coach Geoff Collins and Coach George O'Leary for a while. I talked to O'Leary one-on-one for almost an hour and we really hit it off. He's straight forward and very into academics," Rice told InsideKnights.com

Rice is being recruited by Coach Collins says he loves Collins, which bodes well for UCF and Rice because Collins will likely be Rice's position coach if Rice decides to be a Knight.

"We have a great relationship. Even if he (Collins) wasn't recruiting me I think we'd get along, we just have very similar personalities."

When Rice headed south from Eufaula, Alabama, he wasn't sure what to expect. His fellow linebacker and teammate Javen Harris, a current UCF commit, told Rice it was something he would have to see for himself.

"Javen and I were supposed to go to UCF together earlier this year, but I ended up visiting Ole Miss. When he got back, he informed me of a lot and said UCF was great but that I'd have to see everything for myself. He had a great visit himself. We've talked about playing together at the next level and he's real pushing UCF on me," joked Rice.

When Rice finally made it to UCF, not only were the coaches on campus inviting, but the entire atmosphere was phenomenal to him.

"I like how UCF is separated from the city. It's like an island but it's not too far. The facilities were great. I really did appreciate that they made me felt like welcome there, even without me actually attending the school."

As a highly touted linebacker, the three-star prospect has received interest from schools such as Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and North Carolina State, but none stand out to him as much as UCF.

"I'd have to say UCF has moved to number one for me."

Rice has done his research and knows what UCF has to offer.

"I think the program at UCF is on the upside. I've gone on the internet and have read magazines and a lot of guys are saying that UCF is getting better and better. You look at their recruiting list and they are starting to offer a lot of 3-4 star guys. In a couple years they will be landing 5 stars. They are becoming stronger but I like that they aren't offering just anyone."

With UCF as Rice's number one school as of now; he is starting to finish making his rounds. He will visit N.C State in the not too distant future and might make a decision after that.

"I want to see what they have to offer, to see how their campus compares to UCF. I might make my decision early, maybe after this visit, or I could wait. When I do make my commitment, I want to be sure that's where I'm going and I most likely won't go anywhere else after that."

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