The Marshall Plan: Suspended

The rough offseason for former Knights wide receiver Brandon Marshall has just been made a bit tougher and longer, as Marshall will be suspended by the NFL for three games, according to reports by

Marshall has been arrested three times in the past year and had to have surgery on his arm, which he reportedly injured while "horsing around" with some friends in an Orlando hotel room.

"He's fine," said Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan. "He's 100 percent; he's ready to go. According to [Strength & Conditioning Coach] Rich Tuten, there have been no setbacks, and hopefully he can keep it up."

Marshall met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last week and apparently the meeting didn't go as well as the Broncos and Marshall would've liked, as the news of the suspension recently broke.

"You are always concerned any time the commissioner calls you in to have a meeting," said the Broncos head coach. "It's obviously not a good sign. We have a commissioner who is very strong on conduct policy.

Hopefully Marshall will use the time off as a motivating factor to correct his off the field behavior and live up to his enormous talent.

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