Knights are in Ward's Top Two

Trabis Ward hasn't attended many camps this summer, which is a good thing and a bad thing. While he hasn't busted onto the national scene because of it, it has enabled the 5'9", 210 lb. back to get stronger and faster. UCF is currently vying for Ward's services, and he has the Knights as one of his top two schools.

Trabis Ward could be one of the most underrated backs in the country. The three-star running back from Dillard H.S (Florida) has offers from UCF and South Carolina right now, and could be gaining interest from other programs. Ward has worked hard this off-season to gain weight and speed.

"Things are going good. I've just been working hard this summer. I haven't gone to many camps, I really don't think they are for seniors, you could get hurt. I'm just trying to get ready for next season, I'd like to surpass 2,000 yards rushing," Ward told

The physical back says that his ability to run over, around or past defenders will make him a commodity, and he has been working diligently to get to his goal of 2000 yards. "I am up to 210 lbs. and ran the 40 in the 4.3's. I have been training with my offensive line this summer, working hard to get ready for the season."

Ward recently named four favorites, with the top two being UCF and South Carolina. Miami and Ohio State are also on Ward's list.

"I really like UCF and South Carolina, but right now I'm really high on S.C. I like that they are getting stronger and that I can get a chance to play. I haven't visited them or most schools yet, but I will during the school year."

Ward said that he plans on visiting the Gamecocks, Ohio St., and the Knights, who are certainly not out of the running.

"I like UCF. I could get a chance to play early there and I like the type of offense they run. I also like that they aren't too far from home."

With UCF being able to offer Ward playing time, he will certainly consider the Knights. "I want to go to a place where I can come in and play without being redshirted. I also want a school that has my major, which will likely be sports medicine."

Ward also took note of UCF's ability to produce star power and give the ball to its key player. "I like the way the used Kevin Smith, that was impressive to me."

AS South Carolina and UCF are the two biggest schools to offer Ward, both will be in his consideration this fall. While the Gamecocks might currently have the edge on other schools, Ward reportedly hasn't visited either campus, which bodes well for the Knights, who have some of the best facilities in the nation. Along with that, UCF also has time to make up ground, as Ward won't make his decision for some time.

"I'll make my decision during the U.S. Army Game."

That should give the Knights plenty of time to woo the multi-faceted back from South Florida.

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