UCF Practice Recap 08/18

On Monday, the Knights practiced both indoors and outdoors, as the weather forced them to move inside. The Knights seemed to play a bit tentative as a unit, but showed some great sparks.


Starting quarterback Michael Greco continues to improve with each practice and appears a bit more comfortable knowing that he has the starting job secured. Greco has become increasingly consistent with his throws and is only taking off to run when he has to. Joe Weatherford and Rob Calabrese also appear to be improving their accuracy, which has allowed the offense to be more productive in practice.

Other notes

Freshman tight end Kyle Madden had another strong practice and continues to impress fans and spectators alike, as he could vie for playing time this upcoming season.

The Defensive line, most notably the tackles of Travis Timmons and Torrell Troup continue to make plays and wreak havoc in the middle.

The school closed at 8 p.m. on the 18th, and the Knights will be unable to continue their practice routine on Tuesday, but the thing that concerns Coach George O'Leary the most is the safety of his players.

"Whatever we can get done tomorrow we will, but obviously with a storm, safety is the most important thing," said O'Leary.

Coach O'Leary says the team will practice when and wherever they can, when they are cleared to practice.

"Thank god we have a place to come if we have to come inside."

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