InsideKnights Special Teams Preview

The Knights have lost a couple key special teams contributors from last year but seemed to have replaced them quite nicely.

With the success of "24k" last year many of the Knights other achievements were overlooked a bit, and one of those areas was the special teams. The special teams went way beyond just Joe Burnett (named first-team all conference as a returner) although he did help a great deal. It seemed like whenever the Knights needed a big play last year it was the special teams that delivered it.


Daren Daly (K)
A Miami transfer has a great leg as he routinely boomed field goals from 60 yards out without a problem in practice. He has decent kickoff length, and will likely be the team's kickoff specialist.

Parker Langley (Holder)
Often an overlooked position, but just ask Tony Romo, it is important. Langley has not stood out in practice, which is always a good thing for a holder.

Blake Clingan (P)
For those of you that attended the spring game you saw what this kid is capable of. For those that didn't, he will exceed any and all expectations you would have for a punter and he is only a sophomore.

Charley Hughlett (Long Snapper)
This has been the one problem area the Knights had during summer camp, so they turn to a true freshman to try and get the job done. This could be somewhat dicey.

Khymest Williams (KR)
Williams is an explosive player plain and simple, and his speed will haunt coverage teams.

Joe Burnett (PR)
Just in case ‘Smokin' Joe has not received enough kudos from us, here is a little more. There is a reason why he was first-team all conference as a returner and is a preseason returner again this year. He is a threat to take it back at anytime, from anywhere.

Projected Backups:

Nick Cattoi (K)
He is a big kid, standing at 6'5" and also has a big leg, has been a little inconsistent but he is only a true freshman and could easily develop into a solid kicker.

Rocky Ross (Holder)
It's hard to envision the need for a back-up holder being needed, but you never know.

Parker Langley (P)
He has a good leg, but few punters in the nation are capable of matching the leg of Blake Clingan.

James Getsee (Long snapper)
If Huglett falters, you could see him very early, the leash that any of the long snappers will have, will not be long (pun not intended).

Darin Baldwin (KR)
Although he is not as explosive as Williams, he will field the ball cleanly and won't put it on the ground; he is a solid returner.

Jason Venson (PR)
Won't see the field (as a returner) unless something unforeseen happens to Burnett, but he is not a bad backup.

Strengths: Speed, and playmaking ability.

Possible Concerns: Long snapping they have been slow to get it back there and a bit inaccurate, if they can get that done, look for the Knights to have the best special teams in the conference.

Position Overview: Solid group, they can make plays on every aspect including the ability to block kicks and punts. Look for the Knights to get several touchdowns again this year off of special teams.

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