Williams Shows Good Hands

On a night in which field conditions caused for a slick ball, coming down with a catch wasn't too easy. UCF had several drops against S.C State this past Saturday, but an unlikely candidate stepped up and exemplified the meaning of consistency.

It's not that sophomore receiver Khymest Williams isn't known for his hands, but it's more the fact that he is considered a deep threat because of his blazing speed and water bug-like quickness. Against S.C State though, that wasn't the case.

"Today I was more of a possession receiver, running short and intermediate routes but with my speed I feel I can run the deep ball down too. If Coach feels he can use me or the receivers down the field, we are all able to," said the 5'10" Williams.

At times UCF's receivers struggled to get open, but Williams managed to find creases on underneath patterns. While his longest reception of the night was for eight yards, Williams just made it a point to get open and help relieve the running game any way possible.

"I played well. I caught the ball when I was thrown to," added Williams "I found open spots and Greco hit me."

Williams said that UCF's game plan against S.C State called for establishing the run, and emphasizing on giving young backs carries, thus the receivers had to do little things in order for the offense to be successful.

"We did very well, we were making our blocks so our running backs could have good running lanes and open up some big plays. I think as a whole receiving unit, we did pretty good."

Williams also knows that the team won't always have a run oriented game plan, and said that receivers would be ready to step it up when the ball is aired out.

"The running game normally opens up the passing game. We know in the future some teams will put more guys in the box, so we're going to have to throw the ball. This week we have to continue to work on our timing so in those games when they try to come up and take the run away we'll be ready to pass the ball more than run it."

As a freshman last season, Williams had just one reception. In the debut of his sophomore year though, Williams led UCF with five receptions for 32 yards. With this being Williams' first collegiate game as a primary target, he had to adjust a little to the different level of speed.

"The college level is way different, everybody is real fast and there are more assignments, it was a big jump. South Carolina St. had a lot of talent and they were fast."

With the Bulldogs out of the way, Williams and the Knights will now turn their attention towards USF, a team that Williams can't wait to get at.

"It's like a burning fire inside of us. It's one of our biggest games of the season. We feel as if we really owe them one so we want to give it our all."

After a lopsided loss in Tampa last season, Williams and the Knights will be looking for revenge against USF and if Williams' teammates can follow his lead, there's a very good chance that last year's blowout will be avenged.

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