Update on Smith

Former UCF star running back Kevin Smith made his first professional start in the Lions season-opening 34-21 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. In the losing effort, Smith impressed many as he had 80 total yards including his first NFL touchdown.

The speed of the NFL game is what most rookies note as the biggest adjustment from college ball. Smith admitted to that when he broke down his film.

"Well, I didn't really think it was faster while I was in the game until I watched film on Monday and realized that I need to play a lot faster because indeed the game was," Smith told Pro Football Talk.

Smith watched his alma mater UCF lose a tough game against USF last Saturday, and 24K (now 34K) doesn't have any regrets.

"No, no regret because I have my own destiny. I just wish some of the guys on offense would have stepped up as a unit to do a better job but it was an exciting game."

The Knights certainly could've used Smith on Saturday, but his "destiny" is that of a hopefully long career in the NFL. Smith felt the need to declare early for the NFL draft, and so far it looks like the right move.

"I think every year getting a new batch of rookies and most of them are juniors says a lot about being ready," Smith said.

Up next for Smith and the Lions are the defending NFC North champion Green Bay Packers. Although the rivalry between Green Bay and Detroit is reminiscent of that between a hammer and a nail in recent times, there is plenty of disdain from the Lions franchise for their neighbors to the northwest. Smith is not yet aware of the rivalry—

"Well none that I know of but I think the game will be well played by both teams."

InsideKnights.com wishes good luck to the former Knight, as he will be facing a very tough defense.

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