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After landing an outstanding 14 recruits this summer, it may appear that recruiting has slowed down for UCF, but things are actually in full swing in that aspect. There are a couple of simple explanations as to why things have seemingly died down a bit, first of all being less players are committing now, as most the guys that are left over intend to take their five visits and haven't had enough time to do so yet. It seems that UCF will likely take only six more players for its 2009 class, now whether this is set in stone or they can squeeze in one or two more recruits remains to be seen, but space is becoming limited.

Here are some players that I feel confident will sign with UCF, or at the very least, have the Knights as one of their final options:

1 - Josh Robinson - ATH, Plantation HS, FL - 3 stars talked to Robinson after he attended the UCF vs. USF game, and he had a blast as he came away very impressed with the atmosphere. He is UCF's guy to lose at this point and I don't see how they can, as it would be difficult for a new player to overstep UCF in this case, as he already had offers from close to 20 schools. He reduced his list of suitors to a top four of UCF, USF, Michigan, and UF, all schools having offered, and is basing a larger part of his decision on playing time.

With UCF losing their entire starting secondary, Robinson sees an opportunity and the Knights have gone as far as to etch Robinson's name as a starter for ‘09 to show him just how serious they are. UCF seems to fit well into everything else he is looking for and it would take a lot for him to not commit to UCF on November 30th in front of his congregation at church.

On top of that, Robinson told IK that he loves the way UCF uses Joe Burnett and can see himself being used in a very similar role.

2 - The Hoover Duo

As previously stated, if signing day were tomorrow, both Pat Miller and Brian Jackson would be UCF's to keep. The more we talk to them we find out that their love for UCF is getting stronger, and neither one has been on campus yet. I have gone on record before saying that I think if they got a big SEC offer things could change, but at this point I think the only school that could affect their decision in a negative way for the Knights is if Auburn were to offer both of them. Jackson clearly has a special feeling about Auburn and has mentioned them on several occasions. The reason I feel pretty confident on this one is Jackson is being seen as more of a safety at the collegiate level, and with two safety commits already on board for Auburn and it seeming like they will also add Angelo Hadley (safety from Armwood High) to that class, it seems unlikely that an offer would be extended to Jackson.

Miller seems to be very high on UCF, even more so than Jackson, and with Miller likely comes Jackson. There have been some reports about Miller's grades though and if that's true, he must sharpen up there if he plans on being eligible.

3 - David Gilbert - DE, Northeast HS, FL - 3 stars

It is between UCF and Florida. If Florida offers, he is a Gator, if not he is a Knight, it appears to be that simple at this point. Florida has their eggs in many baskets when it comes to DE and not one of them is in Gilbert's, but that isn't to say that if they lose out on a couple more end prospects, they won't offer him. When all is said and done I see him as a Knight.

4 - Nico Flores - QB, North Miami Beach HS, FL - 3 stars

Of all the schools recruiting Nico hard UCF makes the most sense, and he sees that, as he has named the Knights as his favorite in a previous interview with IK. I just don't see anything changing and he should be the QB commit for UCF this class, and a good one at that.

In addition, UCF has a shot at:

1 - Hans Rice - LB, Eufaula HS, AL - 3 stars

No longer a lock as once thought as he his receiving a lot of love from both Vanderbilt and N.C. State, and appears to like both of those schools along with UCF. The longer he stays uncommitted the more concern there is. UCF has as good a shot as any with teammate Javen Harris , who has already committed, but it appears Javen may not have as much pull as initially thought.

2 - The Seminole Trio

Yes... Andre Debose (5 star wide receiver), Dyron Dye (4 star defensive end), and Ray Ray Armstrong (4 star athlete/safety). From everything we are hearing Dye and Debose really like UCF, they have been on campus several times including for several games. Ray Ray doesn't seem to have quite as much love for UCF but has been on campus several times, including the opener vs. SC State, and from what Dye has told me they want to stay together. My take is they have several offers, but I don't think they want to go too far from home. I think the three here are LSU, Florida, and UCF. They want to play and make a difference and I feel they realize UCF is a place they can do that at. They would not visit UCF as much as they have if they didn't have a lot of interest, but it will be an uphill battle. There is a strong possibility they could be they gem(s) to the UCF class of ‘09.

3 - Jason Pierre-Paul - DE, Fort Scott (JC), KS - 5 stars

He wants to return to the state of Florida and does not want to be red-shirted. It is between UCF, FSU, USF, and UF. He committed to the Knights originally when he came out of high school, and the Knights will have a good shot to re-land him, but will have to battle it out with the in-state schools and possibly LSU, as he also includes them in his top 5.

Watch for more in the next installment of Inside Knights Recruiting.

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