What UCF Learned Against Boston College

The UCF Knights went in as a 10 point underdog against the Boston College Eagles and left Alumni Stadium soundly defeated. InsideKnights.com compares our final preview to what actually happened.

Five most important things for UCF:

1. Get the ground game going. The Knights found some room to run in the first half, as they had 105 yards on the ground by halftime, but finished with just 123 yards. With the passing game struggling, the Knights needed more production on the ground, which they didn't get.

2. Pressure Chris Crane.
Crane's uniform was certainly soiled following the game, and the UCF defense was able to force him into throwing three interceptions. Still, the Knights offense couldn't cash in.

3. Get Latavius Murray the ball. Murray had just three carries for six yards, and wasn't a factor.

4. Play smart. Although the Knights significantly cut down on penalties from the South Florida game, they made up for it by throwing four interceptions. Add in two missed field goals from inside of 25 yards, and that's a recipe for a blowout.

5. Finish the job. The Knights hardly finished as they played one good half.

What to look for:

1. Look for 4+ turnovers. Both teams combined for seven turnovers as none of the four quarterbacks that saw game action were very accurate or careful with the ball.

2. Look for the Knights to air it out a bit more.
UCF was in passing situations as they were down for much of the second half, and both QB's combined for 32 pass attempts.

3. Look for special teams to make a big difference. The Knights return game was sharp, as Joe Burnett averaged 25 yards per kickoff return, as the threat of him breaking one was enough to make BC punter Ryan Quigley kick the ball out of bounds short. Unfortunately for the Knights, kicker Daren Daly gave them two easy misses.

4. Look for a low scoring game. It was, for a half, and for the whole game for UCF. BC scored 31 unanswered in half number two.

5. Look for the winning team to have success running the ball. Boston College ran the ball 36 times for 174 yards, including 22 times for 131 yards in the second half.

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