QB Juggling for Knights

Prior to Saturday's game at Boston College, both Michael Greco and Rob Calabrese took turns throwing to receivers while warming up. By the time the game was over, the two were taking turns under center for the Knights, as Coach George O'Leary made the decision to play both quarterbacks. Find out what Coach O'Leary had to say about why he made the switch and his evaluation of their performance.

Greco, who had started UCF's previous two games this season, was sharp in the game's first drive, going 2-of-2 for 20 yards, but then had an interception and several incompletions to round out the first quarter. Once Greco stalled, O'Leary and offensive coordinator Tim Salem gave Calabrese, a true freshman the green light.

O'Leary said after the game that his decision to put in Calabrese was premeditated.

"I just thought that I wanted to get someone else in, I think he had a good week of practice and that's why I put him in there," said O'Leary.

The New York native had looked stellar throughout the preseason but was listed behind Joe Weatherford on the depth chart before making his appearance against the Eagles. Calabrese's first collegiate pass was an interception, as he tried to force a ball to a covered receiver, but after that the freshman calmed down and displayed his excellent arm strength.

"He did some good things and some other things not so good," said O'Leary.

Calabrese finished 4-of-8 for 37 yards and one interception, but he definitely showed traits that the team can build on. On his second drive of the third quarter, he made a couple of nice throws, stepping into the pocket and showing very good poise for such a young player.

Greco was fairly affective in the first half, making nice throws on the run and also scrambling for a 44 yard rush, in which he turned into a one-yard touchdown to end the first half. Greco took a shot to the knee after that drive, and it seemingly bothered him for the rest of the afternoon.

"I thought Michael went in and it's good sometimes to watch what's going on," said O'Leary. "He got hit and his knee blew up a little bit but he's fine. He went in the second half and wasn't as mobile as he was in the first half. I thought he did some good things, again you have to take care of the football with the picks thrown."

The picks O'Leary referred to were three interceptions that Greco threw, which was unlike him, as he had been careful with the ball up to that point in the season. With his knee somewhat swollen, Greco had a hard time playing to his strength, mobility, and his effectiveness faltered.

Although UCF switched in Greco and Calabrese through the game, O'Leary insists that there is no controversy.

"I'll look at the film, I think I'm going to play two quarterbacks; I don't have any trouble with that. There's no quarterback controversy," said O'Leary.

Now with both Greco and Calabrese, the team can utilize the differing strengths of each player. Greco is a mobile player who is at his best while moving around in the pocket, while Calabrese is more of a classic drop-back passer, although he too can scramble when necessary.

Neither player put up stellar numbers during Saturday's loss, but each showed flashes of good, which is something that O'Leary and the rest of his staff would like to build on as conference play is set to begin.

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