Speedy Wideout Visits UCF

UCF may have fallen a bit short in their effort against USF a couple of weeks ago, but the atmosphere of that game impressed a very talented junior that was in attendance.

After a phenomenal sophomore season that included 52 receptions for 1013 yards and 11 touchdowns, Earlzo Singleton has received a lot of attention from several big time programs. He currently has offers from Louisville, Boise State, Southern Miss., and Oklahoma State. Indiana and Wisconsin are very close to offering as well, making this electrifying junior a hot commodity across the nation.

Although UCF has yet to offer this talented junior, it is strongly pursuing him, as he was convinced to come down from Chicago(Ill.) with two cousins to the USF game.

"I have never been to a louder stadium," Singleton told InsideKnights.com. "I like UCF a lot. They have a great atmosphere there and I like the coaches there."

What has scouts so interested in , aside from extraordinary production, is his speed, as he has been timed in the 4.3's during 40-yard dashes.

"Speed is my biggest strength, but I am also great at beating the jam, I love going against press coverage."

The only possible concern that some teams have stressed, most notably Illinois, is a lack size as he is only 5'9 169 lbs, but Singleton told IK that he is confident that he will get bigger. Singleton currently benches 200 pounds.

Illinois has also recruited Singleton, but he wouldn't see the local college for undisclosed reasons. With the biggest in-state school out of the question and location not being a concern of his, the Knights have a very good shot at landing this talented junior.

"Where I live isn't really a factor, it's more important to find a school that suits me, no matter where it's located."

Singleton has the skill set to stretch the field and make big plays, so he is looking for a team that has a balanced attack but can throw the deep ball. Although UCF is still tweaking aspects of its passing game, Rob Calabrese's big arm is definitely going to factor into airing the ball out in the future.

For a guy that may be considered small to some, he can clearly make a big difference as his team his undefeated and he has a large part to do with that. "I have 16 catches for 218 yards."

These numbers are without playing the first game due to a hamstring injury, and with a second-string freshman throwing him the ball. Singleton won't be making a decision for some time, but when he does you can expect this little guy to make a big impact.

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