Dyron Dye Talks About UCF

UCF has gone after the fantastic trio at Seminole H.S. (Florida) feverishly. The group has remained tight-lipped through the recruiting process, but one of the players gave InsideKnights.com some insight to where UCF ranks amongst his top schools.

"It was a tough loss, but we didn't give up," said Dyron Dye after Seminole's 34-22 loss to Dr. Phillips H.S (FL) "We were down 34-7, but we didn't give up, that's a good thing. That let us know that we matured."

Dyron Dye, the phenomenal four-star defensive end stands at 6'5", 225 lbs. and has the frame to pack on even more weight. He has a devastating first step and has also been extremely productive, earning him dozens of offers.

With offers from Auburn, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Miami, USC, UCLA, and others, Dye has established himself as one of the most coveted players in the state. Dye also has an offer from his hometown UCF Knights, a team that is very high for him.

"I'd definitely put them in my top 10 list. They are playing very well and I like what I've seen. They are doing a great job, they're on the rise."

Dye and his teammates, Andre Debose and Ray Ray Armstrong, have been fairly hush-hush, so Dye's statement of UCF being amongst his top teams speaks volumes. Dye and Debose have been to numerous UCF games, something Dye said has a great experience.

"The first time I visited a UCF game, it was crazy. I didn't think it would be like that, it was wild, they had the stadium rocking and stuff. It was great, we're pretty excited, they have a new stadium and sell out nearly every game, it's pretty wild."

Dye and his teammates attended UCF's near upset win of USF this season, and was blown away by the team's intensity and desire.

"It was a pretty good game. A lot of people didn't expect them to play USF that hard. Going into overtime like they did, it gave me a lot of respect for UCF."

After his game Friday, Dye said he was planning on attending LSU's game against Mississippi State. Dye had seen the campus before, but the aspect he remembered most about LSU was its weather.

"I'm supposed to go to LSU in the morning. It's hot, it's humid. This is my first time going there for a game."

Dye has more important factors when making a decision than weather.

"I'm just looking for a place that fits me the best. I'm just hoping I can find a home for four years. I just want to make sure I find a place that feels like home, that has someone there to guide me through school and just be there and work on with stuff."

The defensive end has a very good relationship with several UCF coaches, something that will surely factor into the family factor.

"I talk to Coach Collins and Coach Panagos a lot, they're both cool."

Dye and his team will play Lake Howell next week in a matchup between two Seminole County teams. Last week the Fighting ‘Noles played without Debose, another player who is high on UCF. The Seminole trio stands as one of the most talented groups of players Central Florida has seen in some time, and the Knights seem to be in a good position to land Dye and possibly the rest of his teammates.

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