Behind Enemy Lines: SMU at UCF staff writer J.D. Bernstein gets some questions answered as SMU publisher and team expert James Bryant was kind enough to furnish us with information on the Knights upcoming opponent, the SMU Mustangs.

1. What is the key to slowing down a June Jones offense?

Getting pressure on true freshman quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell and getting him rattled. This a quick release offense.

2. How will the suspension of Anthony Sowe effect the defense?

You will get to see Adrian Dizer who has been banged up a little with injuries early this fall and a rotation of young guys.

3. Coach O'Leary said he was impressed with "17 and 24" from the film. What makes Aldrick Robinson and Emmanuel Sanders so hard to stop?

(#17) Emmanuel Sanders is one of the best WR's in the country, he has great work ethic and has a lot of talent. Both he and Aldrick Robinson (#24) possess great speed.

4. The SMU defense has struggled giving up 30+ points in each contest, what does UCF have to do successfully to put up points?

The Mustangs defense is young and it's a new system, but lately tthey've shown improvement despite giving up points and yardage.

5. In the last meeting Khymest Williams returned a kickoff for a 99 yard touchdown, what has June Jones done to sure up special teams?

Jones hired perhaps the best special teams coach in the country in Frank Gansz Sr. He has over 30 years experience as special teams coordinator in the NFL and was also a head coach in the NFL.

6. How will this young team hold up on the road in front of 40k+ fans?

They are too young to care and know better, and they are getting better each game. The maturation process has defintely been accelated.

7. In UCF's previous games, no team has tried to throw the ball to Joe Burnett's side, will SMU try to attack his side, do they need to attack both sides of the field to have success?

In this offense the ball will go everywhere, they won't shy away from him.

8. How has SMU adapted to changing from the running days of Eric Dickerson and Doak Walker to an all out air attack?

It's an on going process, they are learning the system and improving each week.

9. With such a young team, where does SMU get its on field leadership from?

Sean Lobo on the offensive line, Serge Elizee on the defensive front. Quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell is a born leader already, despite being a true freshman.

10. What does UCF have to do to get it's first conference win?

They have to stop SMU's offense, score off of some turnovers and take advatage of a young but talented defense.

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