Troup Getting Physical

Torrell Troup stepped up last week in a big way and he looks to carry over his success against SMU to a very physical Miami team this Saturday. Find out what he and Coach O'Leary have to say about his game.

It's difficult for Torrell Troup to really go under the radar. At 6'2", 320 lbs, he is hard guy to block for opposing offenses, as few players in the C-USA can clog the middle like him. However, Troup is more than just a big body, as he can get penetration with his surprising quickness and routinely makes life for opposing quarterbacks difficult.

Troup's outstanding performance against UTEP (three tackles, five assists) went unnoticed two weeks ago because of the team's poor performance, but he earned plenty of attention this past week, as he finished with three tackles and an assist against SMU, and more importantly, he constantly disrupted SMU's running and passing game.

"I knew they were going to run the ball a few times a game," said Troup. "I just tried to plant my feet into the ground, go forward and react to whatever I saw in the backfield."

Leading up to the SMU game, where the Mustangs' starting center weighed in at 256 lbs, Troup had seen a barrage of big maulers, especially against USF and Boston College. When asked how it felt to finally go against a guy that was that much smaller than him, Troup smiled sheepishly.

"For a little guy he had a lot of fight in him. The guards slid the whole game so I never got the one-on-one I wanted, and I was really going against a plus 400 lb. guy the entire night."

Troup has seen his share of double teams this season and knows they will continue to come, and he also knows that he will continue to see big linemen, especially this week against Miami where their entire starting offensive line tips the scale at 300 lbs. or more.

"We're gonna play our defense," Troup explained when talking about this week's scheme. "We have a couple of defensive schemes formed, but mainly we're just going to line up and play. We're a pretty good defense as long as we play our game, and if we play our game, I think we can stick with anybody."

With 19 tackles on the season, Troup is starting to make a name for himself amongst professional scouts, as NFL personnel are watching more than just Joe Burnett on game days.

"I think he's starting to come into his own and if he continues working, he has a chance to play on Sunday's," said O'Leary after the teams win against the Mustangs.

What makes Troup so special aside from his size and athleticism is that he plays technically sound football, works hard, and has a fun loving personality.

"Torrell has an opportunity to be a really good football player," added O'Leary. "He keeps a low centered center of gravity. He get's doubled all the time and moves well for a big man."

Troup will certainly have to build on the past few games to stop Miami's strong running attack, which is led by a big line and a very agile Graig Cooper at running back. Troup said he is up to the challenge, and knows what it would mean to beat a team like Miami.

"We need to make a statement this game, we need to let everybody know that we can play in non-conference games and that we are a team to be reckoned with."

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