Knights Give Burnett and Baldwin Discipline

Joe Burnett has been the epitome of a role-model student athlete during his tenure at UCF and has been a huge burst of energy for the Knights during a slow start to the season. In Saturday's loss to Miami, Burnett made a statement by scoring a touchdown via kickoff return for UCF, but also made a gesture to Miami's fans while on the sideline.

Following a penalty against Miami during a UCF punt return in which cornerback Joe Burnett was tackled before he caught the ball, fans at Dolphins Stadium had a word for the officials and for the Knights. The boo birds took off, although the call the officials made was certainly correct after further review and Burnett and fellow defensive back Darin Baldwin gave some gestures of their own to Hurricane fans.

Baldwin put up a "U" with his hands, a symbol Miami fans often displayed by UM fans and Burnett gave an expletive gesture. Following the 20-14 loss, UCF's players have been disciplined according to Director of Athletics Keith Tribble.

"I met this morning with both of them to discuss their behavior on the sideline on Saturday," said Tribble. "These actions will not be tolerated and I made it clear that any future instances of unsportsmanlike behavior will result in a suspension from competition."

UCF's players said they regret their actions and promise that they will use better discretion in the future.

"I am very sorry for my mistake on Saturday," Baldwin said. "It was very poor judgment and I apologize for it. I promise to better represent UCF in the future."

Burnett also apologized for his actions.

"I apologize for letting my emotions get the best of me on Saturday," Burnett said. "What I did was wrong and I am sorry. My goal is to be a leader of this team and do things the right way."

Tribble went on to discuss his expectations of Burnett, Baldwin and other UCF players in the future.

"It is my expectation that all of our student-athletes, while representing the University of Central Florida, will act in a manner of integrity, respect and honor," said Tribble. "What Darin and Joe did this past Saturday was unacceptable and I made it abundantly clear that they are held to a higher standard."

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