Checkup on UCF Commit Samuel Johnson

UCF received a pleasant surprise when Samuel Johnson committed to the team early one morning in July. Johnson wasn't listed on many recruiting databases but was a well known recruit by prestigious teams across the country. Find out how his senior season is going in preparation for coming to UCF.

Samuel Johnson, a two-way lineman, has helped lead his Cedar Grove H.S. (Ga.) team to a 5-3 record this season, despite playing with an injured shoulder through most of the year.

"We're doing better this year and we're trying to make the playoffs," Johnson told "We have a big game against Washington in a couple of weeks. It's a crossover game, we lost to Washington 21-20 earlier in the season, and will need to beat them this time to make the playoffs."

Johnson, who committed to UCF in July, has dislocated his shoulder twice this season but has still attempted to play through the pain.

"It's getting better, I dislocated it this off-season and then another time this year."

The last time Johnson talked to IK, he discussed that he wanted to work on strength and technique as a left tackle. His shoulder injury has setback his attempt to progress in those categories though.

"Since I hurt my shoulder it's been hard to work too much on technique because I keep getting hurt. My shoulder is getting better though and I am starting to improve."

Johnson has received interest from numerous schools, including USF, Georgia State, Auburn, N.C State, Virginia Tech and others. He said that he could always change his mind and de-commit from UCF, but Johnson said that is unlikely because he loves what UCF has to offer.

"I have a chance to make an early impact at UCF. I know it will take hard work, but I feel that UCF will give me that opportunity. They also have coaches who can push the team to the limits. They can make me better and make the team better.

More importantly for Johnson, who has aspirations of playing on Sundays, UCF can provide him a chance to make it as an NFL lineman.

"I believe the Knights put more people in the NFL last year than any other team in Florida or Georgia, or at least as many. I'm looking forward to going to a program that produces NFL talent."

Johnson will be visiting UCF for the ECU game next week and is looking forward to seeing the team live for the first time.

"On T.V. you can see the stadium shaking, so I am looking forward to seeing the atmosphere up close when I go there."

With interest in the raw but immensely talented tackle heating up, Johnson knows he will have even more offers by the end of the season, but sees UCF as the best fit for him.

"They are a growing team and will be great in the near future, which really impacted my decision to commit to UCF."

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