UCF Game Balls vs Tulsa

After a promising start against the nationally ranked Tulsa Golden Hurricane, UCF stumbled in the second half, falling 49-19. The loss will leave a bad taste in the mouths of UCF coaches, fans and players, but there were some performances that the team can build on.

Joe Burnett - The senior corner routinely made plays for the Knights, which has become expected from him. Burnett had an interception and stepped up to make numerous plays against the run.

Brian Watters - The sophomore receiver is quickly becoming Rob Calabrese's favorite target. Watters is an explosive receiver who turned two short receptions into touchdowns, including a 62-yard score. Watters finished with seven receptions for 121 yards and two touchdowns.

Torrell Troup - His stats don't show it, but the junior defensive tackle did a nice job disrupting plays in the first half. He limped off the field towards the end of the first half, but consistently collapsed the pocket.

Brynn Harvey - The true freshman ran the ball with a lot of resilience, finishing off plays with a lot of power. The speedy back also made some big plays for UCF and helped moved the ball consistently on the ground early on, rushing for a career high 91 yards on the evening.

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