Culpepper Close to Signing

Recently retired former UCF Knights quarterback Daunte Culpepper is reportedly about to be former retired Knights quarterback Daunte Culpepper. After working out with the Kansas City Chiefs last week, Culpepper reportedly spurned their offer in favor of waiting for "the right offer."

That offer may come very soon as Culpepper is in deep discussion on signing what could be a three-year deal with the Detroit Lions. Expectations couldn't be much lower for the winless Lions, as they seem to find new ways to lose on a weekly basis. They are currently starting Dan Orlovsky at quarterback who has completed just 55% of his passes for 741 yards in three starts, with three touchdown passes, two interceptions, and a rating of 77.8. Orlovsky is most well-known this season for taking a snap in the end zone and running out the back of the end zone for a safety in a 12-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

The other competition that Culpepper would likely have to face for playing time is from former second-round pick Drew Stanton. Stanton hasn't played yet, and may not play anytime soon according to Lions head coach Rod Marinelli.

Asked if he was confident Stanton would start a game this season, Marinelli said: "I couldn't say that right now, sometime during the season. It's this week. We're working on this week."

Marinelli said he would not play Stanton just so the Lions can evaluate him for the future. He said he would play him only if starter Dan Orlovsky is injured or if he feels Stanton is better than Orlovsky, based on practices and games.

Detroit may be a perfect place for Culpepper, as he has outside weapons in wide receivers Calvin Johnson and Mike Furrey, and is surrounded by former Knights in running back Kevin Smith and Michael Gaines.

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